YouTube (2:53) Senator Frank Church – “No Place to Hide” – Secret Intelligence as Foundation for Tyranny in America

Corruption, Government

Phi Beta Iota: It is important to understand that there are secret organizations within the secret organizations, and that neither our political leaders nor even the transient agency heads are briefed on the “deep” secret programs.

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Go Head-to-Head on NSA Spying

Sanders said that he would shut down the NSA’s current mass surveillance program.

“I’d shut down what exists right now,” Sanders said. “Virtually every telephone call in this country ends up in a file at the NSA. That is unacceptable to me. But it’s not just government surveillance. I think the government is involved in our e-mails; is involved in our websites. Corporate America is doing it as well. If we are a free country, we have the right to be free. Yes, we have to defend ourselves against terrorism, but there are ways to do that without impinging on our constitutional rights and our privacy rights.”

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