Marcus Aurelius: Barbarians Are Inside the Gates While President Barack Obama Sleeps — And a Grand Strategy Solution from Robert Steele

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

As I write this, TV news is reporting:

  • Six separate terrorist attacks
  • 140 casualties
  • ISIS has claimed responsibility
  • Syrian passport found on dead Tango
  • French President has declared war
  • POTUS has declared that US will support France
  • World stands in solidarity

But what does it mean?

  • GWOT II?
  • Will current POTUS support a GWOT II?
  • Will any US administration permit effective employment of US capabilities?
  • Will civilized nations of world act in common cause?
  • Will world's nations, particularly US, sustain decades of engagement?  Translation:  will the key players have “hang”?
  • Will American public opinion and our superbly qualified Federal legislators tolerate the images of a stream of “dignified transfers” at Dover and burials in Section 60 at Arlington?
  • Offensive or defensive response?
  • Terrorism viewed as act of war or act of criminality?
  • Focus on relevant centers of gravity or peripheral issues?
  • Will military, law enforcement, and intelligence organizations commence and sustain engagement while their populaces go to the mall?
  • How would USG propose to funding any meaningful response?  Guns OVER butter?  Guns AND butter?  Increase taxes?  Increase debt?
  • Would DoD and military Services modify enlistment standards to facilitate acquisition of necessary quantities of human capital?

Invite your attention to article below.

The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates

by Mark Steyn, Steyn on Europe,

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The raw fact is that ISIS is a creation of the Saudis, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait, and it will continue to gain strength as long as the USA stands idly by while Saudi Arabia wages war on both the Shi'ites and the infidels of the West. Our naivete is quite extraordinary. Europe is helpless because Europe is a bureaucracy that disdains the value of Western Christian religion, and Europe is following the US lead. We need a Grand Strategy rooted in intelligence with integrity and that is never going to be provided by the existing US secret intelligence world. President Obama and Vice President Biden have an opportunity, right now, to rethink US foreign policy. They need the iconoclasts. The iconoclasts do not work for them today, nor can they be assembled unless the Administration is first willing to embrace the reality that most of what we need to know is not online, not in English, and not secret. Some of us have been saying that for a quarter century.

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