Robert Steele: What Business Is Google In? Mass Surveillance. Period.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

Reflecting on Eric Schmidt’s idiocy of yesterday, and the failure of Google to render useful tools enhancing public understanding and power, I asked a few folks what business Google was in, and how we should interpret their introducing of Google Fiber to major cities.

The answer is: Google is in the business of mass surveillance, and Google Fiber is how NSA takes the next step. Never mind that they will not process more than 1% of what they capture — they will have to power to zero in on anyone.

In my view, we need to accelerate attention toward decentralized blockchain forms of technology as well as increased valuation of face to face human interaction. I have called for the elimination of the NRO, NSA, and NGA and the creation of an Open Source (Technologies) Agency. I still see potential in Amazon, ESRI, Facebook, Google, and Oracle, to name a few large firms, but they lack the commitment to creating public wealth for the good of all that I see as the essence of our role going forward. It’s worth noting that AT&T is kicking Google’s ass on the fundamentals while Verizon is looking at Yahoo for the wrong reasons.

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