Mongoose: House of Saud, House of Terror — a Pawn in Bankers’ Deliberate Take-Down of Europe and Russia

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Below the fold are four headlines, all but one from Pepe Escobar, that tie together three facts:

  1. Saudi Arabia is the single greatest source of global terror.
  2. Saudi Arabia may be about to crash and have a coup.
  3. The banking families are out to destroy Russia while shorting Europe.

Pepe Escobar
Pepe Escobar

The Secret Behind the Next Global Crash — Is Saudi Coup Imminent?

Selected Persian Gulf traders, and that includes Westerners working in the Gulf confirm that Saudi Arabia is unloading at least $1 trillion in securities and crashing global markets under orders from the Masters of the Universe – those above the lame presidency of Barack Obama.
Riyadh is rife with rumors there will be a coup against King Salman – virtually demented and confined to a room in his palace in Riyadh.

The categorical imperative remains; the Masters of the Universe are ready to bring the whole world down in a major recession basically to strangle Russia.

U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels

“If this is purely a conversation about counterterrorism cooperation, and if the Saudis are a big part of the problem in creating terrorism in the first place, then how persuasive of an argument is it?”

Fear and Loathing in the House of Saud

The illegal war on Yemen, conducted with full US acquiescence, led by — who else — Prince Mohammad, and largely carried out by the proverbial band of mercenaries, has instead handsomely profited al-Qaeda in the Arabic Peninsula (AQAP), just as the war on Syria has profited mostly Jabhat al-Nusra, a.k.a. al-Qaeda in Syria.

Al Sharqiyya — the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia — holds only 4 million people, the overwhelming majority Shi’ites. And yet it produces no less than 80% of Saudi oil.

The Dirtiest Secret of the War on Terror

All the “terror” we face, real or manufactured, springs out from just one source; not “Islam,” but intolerant, demented Wahhabism.

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