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The only people actually inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies are the organized agitators, including convicted felon and terrorist Bill Ayers, who are violating – with malice aforethought – the First Amendment rights of the participants in these private events. We now know that George Soros has committed major funding toward a wave of civil agitation explicitly aimed at disrupting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

There will be no riots. This is a scare tactic from the two-party tyranny Establishment that is utterly terrified of populism and pitchforks. More to the point, veterans – over twenty one million of them – and law enforcement officers – close to three million of them – have turned against the elite 1% and appear firmly committed to restoring democracy in the USA.

I was a white Latino minor multi-millionaire. I lost my business to US Government security apparatchiks that could not compute 7,500 foreign contacts cheerfully declared, and I have been unemployed – a stint in Afghanistan and ten nights as a Lowe’s receiving clerk not-with-standing – since 1 January 2008. I can testify that the real unemployment rate is 23%, and in my demographic, as well as those of people of color, single moms, and new college graduates, it is closer to 40%. I have no salary, no pension, no savings, and no property. At several points I have had to worry about being able to repair a borrowed car, and at one point I did not have the $30 to repair the zipper on my one usable winter coat. Now I am a black homeless person and for the first time I begin to understand their centuries of abuse and deprivation at the hands of “the Establishment.”

We are all black now. That is the central unstated premise of this electoral cycle.

This is my country and I want it back – Jim Hightower, long one of my heroes, got that exactly right with his 2004 book Thieves in High Places: They’ve Stolen Our Country and It’s Time to Take It Back. Jim is not a Republican and in today’s environment of legalized political crime he could hardly be called a Democrat – I think of him the way Ike Eisenhower thought of himself: as an American.

My focus is not on a particular candidate winning the presidency, but rather on restoring integrity to the whole – I am especially concerned about two-party corruption and grid-lock within the Congress, which has abdicated its Article 1 responsibility under the Constitution, and turned all members less the Tea Party members into party-line drones who are in constant betrayal of the public trust. Put bluntly, if we can pass an Electoral Reform Act of 2016 that restores integrity to Congress, I can live with Hillary Clinton as President – but I would prefer to go for broke: Trump-Sanders in the White House, and 20-30 Members of Congress who are not part of the two-party tyranny, and who refuse to caucus with either half of this despotic cabal.

The question then jumps out: Why has Senator Bernie Sanders ignored my six attempts to get him to sponsor the Electoral Reform Act of 2016, challenging the Republican leaders – especially the righteous Tea Party Republicans – to see that opening the doors to Constitution, Green, Independent, Justice, Libertarian, No Party Preference, Reform, and Working Families Members will be good for everyone less the corrupt elite?

In this white paper I to do three things:

01 Outline the explicit preconditions of revolution that exist in the USA today

02 Outline the substance of governance and some issues not being discussed by anyone

03 Summarize specific steps we can take to restore integrity to our now-defunct democracy

Pay attention. I am trying to avoid those riots being incited by the “Establishment,” with George Soros now doing to America what he did to the Eastern European countries – only there he installed fascists, here he wants to keep the existing financial fascists in power, using the easily manipulated unthinking “progressives.”

God Bless America!

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