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Michael S. Kearns
Michael S. Kearns

Leadership. The “School” of American Leadership Studies & Development (ALS&D) has been the largest mythological tyrant ever to spew propagandistic mythology (1); therein, inflating the lust for money, power, and control as measures of “success” in America (2). Much like Trump’s Great Man ascertations, about how “great” America can be, much like him-self – with the Great Man, ego-centric hegemon – in charge (3). Bernie, in contrast, says “we, not I,” (4) and thinks about relationships, not self. This is much like the transformational approach in leadership studies (5), as espoused by Burns (1978) and Rost (1991/3), and as codified within the Social Change Model, as created   by the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park (6).

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