Chuck Spinney: Teen Discovers Mayan City Using Internet, Star Charts, and Insight

Cultural Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence
Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

One of the promises of the internet was that it would fuel an intellectual revolution, particularly in emergence of citizen science.  To date, that promise has seemed to be more a pipe dream than a reality.  But occasionally, one comes across a reminder of its potential.  Herewith is a stunning example of what is possible.  It is also a reminder of the role serendipity and insight plays in evolution of knowledge.

Teen Makes Stellar Discovery of Previously Unknown Maya City

As a footnote: Jacob Bronowski has a fascinating discussion of the Mayan calendar in his classic 1973 TV series describing how science and culture coevolve, “The Ascent of Man.”  One of his discussions involved the advanced Mayan astronomy and the central riddle why it existed.  The attached article may well relate to or even explain that question.

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