Does the Queen of England (Dope, Inc.) Want Donald Trump Assassinated?

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Tip of the Hat to Wayne Madsen.

Phi Beta Iota: The Secret Service does not take its protection responsibilities seriously in the nomination phase. They rely too heavily on webcam monitoring and are completely inept if a private military contractor team is fine with silencers and taking out 3-5 government employees that hate their job and are half asleep most of the time. Trump’s aircraft is totally vulnerable to being taken down on take-off (preferred, heavy up on fuel that will burn) and landing. What is interesting about this graphic is that it points out that Trump is feared not just by US criminals (the Clintons, Obama, the banks, the military-industrial complex) but also feared by the Queen of England, the City of London, and the entire “Dope, Inc.” complex that has ruled the world for centuries. In our view, Trump needs to take these threats seriously, and can radically reduce his threat profile by both ramping up his counterintelligence and personal security practices — still the B Team as of now — and by pursuing a path of Truth & Reconciliation and making it crystal clear there is ZERO THREAT against legacy criminal empires — we are re-setting the world and this is actually good for the 1% — we can protect their existing wealth, all they need to do is get out of the way as we create infinite wealth for everyone else — the 99%.

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