Eagle: Federal Reserve on the Record – 76 Million Americans Struggling Financially

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

The United States population on July 4, 2015 was: 321,442,019. Of these, an average of about 95% are US citizens, for a total US citizen population of roughly 305,369,918. The below report from the Federal Reserve says that 76 million Americans are struggling financially and half of all Americans don’t have the savings to pay a $400 bill.

Ref FedRsv Report on Economic Well-Being of US Households in 2015

Read report online.

Tip of the Hat to Tim Worstall @ Forbes for the pointer.

Phi Beta Iota: 76 million is 25% of 305 million, which tracks very well with the 23% actual unemployment rate and the 40% non-participation in the economy rate. President Barack Obama is deceptive when he says that the US economy is in fine shape. The US Government misrepresents the truth when it says that the unemployment rate is 5% (U1) to 10% (U6). There are 76 million US citizens who are not buying Hillary Clinton’s bullshit….they know the truth first-hand.