Mongoose: Gold Collateral Accounts (GCA) Rising – The Real Truth About the Paris Agreement

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Change — good change — is coming.

“The Real Truth About the Paris Agreement” – Yosef – 6.10.16

“…secretly it actually houses the intentional legal framework for implementing a new global gold treaty that resets the world's monetary system as well as all currencies (aka “The RV”).

. . . . . .

As China will be the last to ratify, so that they can have the honor of setting the world free economically–this as a well deserved tribute the Keepers of the Global Collateral accounts (aka the Chinese Elders and Grandfather as their leader).

Phi Beta Iota: This may be coincidental and purely speculative, but there are some useful data points, including the table of percentages for each country. A new world order (lower case) is most definitely in the making, one  that “eases out” the Rothschilds (Bauers), the City of London, and Wall Street. Truth & reconciliation are the order of the day — no one goes to jail, no one goes bankrupt, everyone gets the truth. 20% of what we are reading on this is gibberish, but the other 80% tracks with all that we know to be factual.

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