Nicolas Laos & Christina Florou, The Noopolitics of the Underworld Order

Civil Society, Commerce, Ethics, Government
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Nicolas Laos and Christina Florou

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The scope of the present paper is to investigate the identity and the dynamics of the major criminal actors of the transnational and the international system as well as to analyze criminalism as an intrinsic and driving force of the established world order.Indeed, we maintain that, due to criminalism,not only is the border between the established world order and the contemporary underworld order blurred, but also there are organic channels of communication/collaboration between the social establishment and the underworld. In this context, we study the creation and global march of what we call here the “Black-Red International,” namely, a postmodern, global network of mobsters, political extremists/terrorists (transcending old dichotomies between the ‘Right’ and the ‘Left’), former spies associated with the historical Nazi and Soviet ‘deep states’ and their secret plans for world domination, autonomous subgroups of several nations’ secret services, and a group of complacently nihilistic businessmen who act as the financial facilitators of this “Black-Red International.”

Since, in the beginning of the twenty-first century, the West entered into a state that the renowned French philosopher Myriam Revault d’ Allones has pointedly called a “crisis without end,” that is, a global crisis that affects finance, education, culture, the natural environment, and human relationships (see: M. R. D’ Allones, La Crise Sans Fin: Essai sur l’Expérience Moderne du Temps, Paris: Seuil, 2012), and since the traditional Western bourgeois elites have become so corrupt that, as Lenin would say, are ready to trade even the rope with which members of the “Black-Red International” would hang them, it logically follows that the dawn of the twenty-first century signals a deep, existential crisis of civil democracy, liberalism, and humanism.

PDF (10 Pages)

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