Neil Keenan: Hot Spot – Money, RV’s, A Debt Jubilee, Inflation, and the Gold Game

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Neil Keenan
Neil Keenan

Hot Spot: Money, RV’s, Transparency And The Gold Game

Judge Anna most recently defined the true meaning of money to be (1) your labor, (2) natural resources and (3) what your labor does to natural resources. Everything else is fiat or fake. And as soon as governments allow banks or treasuries to print paper backed by your labor or natural resources they go crazy, printing more and more till the value of labor and natural resources reach higher and higher levels called “inflation” and the value of the paper diminishes to the point that it collapses and has to be revalued (RV’s and GCR’s).

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Robert David Steele
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ROBERT STEELE: I cannot say this often enough – a “reboot” of the global economic system is coming soon. The Rothschild's extended network and their US minions are still fighting it — as Orlando and other idiocies demonstrate, they all believe they can push the settlement date out by at least two more presidential terms in the USA, this is in our view  flat out crazy. All the preconditions of revolution are in place, lacking is a precipitant (assassinating Donald Trump would do nicely — Trump's security team and the Secret Service are not ready for the next level up, where a local cop with a gun and full access takes Trump out under mind-control protocols). What *is* possible, and Sir Evylyn and Lady Lynn Rothschild could be the linch pin couple in gently retiring Hillary Clinton (FBI Director Comey put Martha Stewart in jail for the equivalent of a traffic infraction — that he is not indicting Bill and Hillary Clinton is becoming a sore point with some very powerful people that may be re-evaluating Comey's otherwise bright future as this is written) while crafting a truth &  reconciliation transition. What most people do not realize is that gold is over-leveraged 600:1, and the Western elite will not be given access to the clean gold that will emerge from the bunkers after the EU and US banks collapse.For 1% of what the Rothschilds have under management, in combination with my future vision leveraging Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), we can not just stabilize the world, we can achieve extreme democracy and infinite wealth for the 99%. This is not rocket science, it merely demands what has been lacking across most governments: intelligence with integrity. No one goes to jail — everyone gets the truth.

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