Robert Steele: Two Planned Attacks, Five Trained Together, They Claim by CIA, FBI May Be Repressing Evidence

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

Kevin Barrett sent me the below link, and this package will become UPDATE 11 on his master post. As a former CIA clandestine case officer and one of the first assigned the terrorist target full-time in the 1980's I want to defend CIA — I don't think they are behind this — and provide some emphasis and some speculative thoughts.

Manufactured Terrorism The Orlando Santa Monica Connection !

Howell Says CIA and Four Other Suspects were Involved in Planned Sunday Massacres

Danny F. Quest,, 15 June 2016

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First off, a tip of the hat to Danny F. Quest,, and the two Santa Monica police officers that refused an FBI gag order and blew the whistle on the anomalies that the FBI now appears to be actively covering up.

Here is what stands out to me from the above story now online:

01 Five people were recruited and trained together after being spotted completing an online course together.

02 They were all told they would get away after completing their mission — none of them was suicidal.

03 The live individual thinks he was trained by the CIA but there is no evidence this was actually the case.

Now for some nuances.

01 The FBI's Miami office is among the most active counterterrorism units and known for crossing the line — for example, targeting James Medina, a homeless mass with mental problems.

02 The FBI is know to have a massive  program for nurturing terrorists right up to the point they are about to commit a terrorist act with funding, guidance, and even weapons provided by the FBI (they are also coached into putting incriminating posts to the Internet and making incriminating open visits, such as the Boston Bombing patsy going to firecracker stores to buy firecrackers in quantity).

Review (Guest): The Terror Factory – Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism

03 The FBI is a massive bureaucracy engaged in thousands of cases every days, tens of thousands of cases every year, and in my view is roughly 90% good people trapped in a bad system.

04 In my direct experience, every time I have stumbled on a mess made by the FBI operating covertly or the US Army pretending to be in the covert intelligence business, they have inevitably told the people they were messing with that they “were CIA.”

My speculative assumption:

There is an FBI unit that is charged with carrying out covert operations in the USA that is authorized to kill US citizens in order to advance the President's gun control agenda. “Anything goes” now. This unit is probably working with GS4, Wackenhut, whatever Blackwater is called these days, and others, all eager to do the dirty at taxpayer expense.

After JFK was assassinated and the assassination successfully covered up, the USA move rapidly into what Matt Taibbi calls “Griftopia.” Political assassination became “routine,” to the point that Bill and Hillary Clinton are believed by many to have close to ninety murders in their past, and no one has been immune to directed death by the Mossad or operatives protecting banking, energy, and other interests — Senator John Tower and Senator Paul Wellstone stand out in my memory. We have become a “cheating culture” and no one cheats more — or murders more — than our politicians and the deep state. Neither the media — nor the FBI — investigate the anomalous deaths of politicians journalists, or activists (many medical activists have been murdered over the years for challenging the integrity of the CDC and FDA — which is non-existent — and for challenging the safety and relevance of expensive pharmaceutical toxins that co-conspire with crooked insurance companies to defraud the US taxpayer in complicity with corrupt politicians.

Review: Griftopia–Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America

Review: The Cheating Culture–Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead

Although CIA has traditionally been the only authorized source of false flag operations, especially those that kill people, the US military is known to have individuals that will kill US citizens including their own (e.g. the Marine Corps murder of Col David Sabow, possibly at the direction of General Al Gray, a graduate of the CIA Phoenix Program in Viet-Nam)

My bottom line: Orlando was a false flag, there were at least 3 shooters, the one shooter  that died did not believe he was going to die, and CIA probably has nothing to do with it.  This has rogue FBI written all over it, and I strongly suspect an FBI cover-up is actively underway.

FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to “Informants”

Alert Reader:

Given the relationship between the CIA and the Orlando shooter's father, and given John Brennan's mostly false testimony to Congress on ISIS as a global threat with reach into the US, could this not have been a set-up to support his testimony?


CIA director grave warning: ISIS dangerous as ever

ROBERT STEELE: Ouch. Brennan's testimony to Congress recently was demonstrably false. I note from the article that the Dad is funded by the Voice of America – Dari not necessarily CIA directly. Of course the father should be interviewed, focusing on whether the son was lured into a CIA, FBI, or extreme right wing provocation. Brennan is certainly too close to the Saudis, to the point that if we had an honest FBI I would have him covered toward proving that he is an undeclared agent of a foreign power but on balance, I don't think Brennan would approve such an operation. If we ask the question, “who benefits” the answer is a) the Democratic gun control agenda and b) the Republican anti-Muslim anti-gay agenda. Now, pressed by your comment, I read the comments in the above article and find the following so interesting I copy it here in its entirety — this could have been Marcus Robertson acting alone, or acting as an agent for FBI Miami — I believe his claims of CIA ties to be tenuous.

aa says:
apparently, this guy Marcus Robertson is connected to Mateen, if you really want to jump down a rabbit hole:
“It is no coincidence that this happened in Orlando,” said a law enforcement source familiar with Robertson’s history of recruiting terrorists and inciting violence. “Mateen was enrolled in [Robertson’s online] Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary.”
“Robertson claims to have served in the elite counter-terrorism unit Joint Special Operations Command before leaving the military as a conscientious objector. A spokeswoman for the National Archives confirmed his service from May 16, 1986 to May 1994, in the U.S. Marine Corps 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company as a field radio operator, but records indicate he was released from active duty in March 1990, discharged in the rank of corporal. Records show he was trained in radio telegraph, scuba diving, marksmanship, parachuting, terrorism counteraction, surveillance, infantry patrolling and finance.
and here’s a PI’s blog in Florida where he has the claims from Robertson that he was a “Covert Operator” for the CIA/FBI
“Ex-Marine Marcus Robertson aka Imam Abu Taubah claims he had a contract with the United States Government in which he was asked to carry out covert operations with and against suspected and known terrorists organizations/groups. During said operations, in the USA and Internationally, the US Government, the FBI and the CIA authorized and assisted Marcus Robertson aka Imam Abu Taubah in the use of firearms, weapons, training of terror suspects by providing various forms of logistics, informations and Monies.

Furthermore Abu Taubah aka Marcus Robertson claims he was given a Letter of Immunity” assured that no criminal charges would ever be derived due to Abu Taubah aka Marcus Robertson’s “sanctioned actions” and promised that the US government would duly note Abu Taubah aka Marcus Robertson’s patriotic service. Abu Taubah also claims in the Federal Lawsuit that the defendants (FBI et al) full well knew that his only links to terrorism were those that occurred during Abu Taubah aka Marcus Robertson’s employment as a covert operator for the US Government and the FBI Terrorist Task Force.”
– Former U.S. Marine [Force Recon – claimed JSOC as well]
– Claimed to be a “secret CIA operative” [went undercover for FBI in return for reduced sentence]
– Served as the bodyguard for Omar Abdel Rahman also known as the Blind Sheik
– Reportedly was the leader of a gang of bank robbers in New York called “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.” They robbed a dozen banks, private homes, and post offices at gunpoint, allegedly committed murders, shot three police officers, and injured another cop with a homemade pipe bomb. They were known to use C4, hand grenades, and other explosive devices.
– Opened Timbuktu Seminary (an Islamic school in Orlando)
– Released from prison one year ago. Jailed for illegal weapons charges and tax fraud. Federal prosecutors tried to add additional terrorism charges but failed to make their case in court. He is known by federal law enforcement to influence others to carry out terrorist attacks


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