Mongoose: Alleged FBI Insider Says Bill Clinton Will Die, Everyone Is Exposed including Elite Pedophiles, Benghazi Server, False Flag Events, All Part of the Final Drama

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No direct knowledge, a good read.

FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation Exposed! Involves Entire US Government!

A thread on 4chan with an FBI insider confirms everyone’s worst suspicions.  The Hillary Clinton email server was merely a distraction from the Clinton Foundation and most of DC is in up to their necks in what could be the biggest scandal of all times.  This inside info from someone claiming to be a high level FBI analyst whose job was to look at the records


There already is enough to indict. Comey has been trying to stall because he does not want to face the Clinton Machine, as well as the rest of Washington D.C. But this case would explode into a million other cases if fully brought to light, and then we would be one agency competing against the entire government and a hoard of other interests. It is a very tense and uncomfortable position.

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If Trump wins, HRC will be prosecuted. I have heard rumors Christie will be his AG, and Michael Flynn will be his VP pick.

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Comey will likely resign in any case. FBI is being very quiet for a reason, most of us want to keep our jobs.

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Bill Clinton Will Likely Die This Year

Phi Beta Iota: The original 4Chan thread has been removed from the Internet. There is zero certainty about who was actually posting, there are many fabricators — and people able to hack, for example, the accounts of Black Lives Matter activists — and in the absence of a competent Mainstream Media (MSM), there is no public service that can be trusted to tell the truth. We note with interest the possible impact of a state funeral for Bill Clinton prior to the election — there are many powerful people all to willing to sign off on his being murdered covertly, dying in his sleep by appointment as it were. As Jackie Kennedy kept silent about the assassination of JFK, to protect her children (to no avail, the one with potential was himself assassinated anyway once he reached maturity and married well), Hillary Clinton can be expected to play along with any cover story surrounding the death of Bill Clinton. Donald Trump remains his own worst enemy but is still slated to win in November. NOTE: The idea of martial law and postponed elections is a staple among those who are certain the USA is about to be taken over by United Nations forces serving the Great Satan. Precisely the same rumor was circulating prior to the 2008 election, only Dick Cheney was said to be planning all this. Our best guess is that the USA and the public will learn from all this madness, and emerge stronger than before. We expect the November elections to take place on time, and if the Democrats are stupid enough to nominate Hillary Clinton, they will lose. At the last minutes, blacks and Independents — and 50 million previously inactive voters — will move decisively to Donald Trump.

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