Owl: Dallas False Flag Best Write Up Yet…a Direct Threat to Donald Trump? UPDATE: FBI Alert Bogus?

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Who? Who?
Who? Who?

Who benefits? Certainly not black people and certainly not the police. The Clintons and James Comey are out of the news cycle, but no one has forgotten that, no one trusts the FBI to actually investigate this false flag…and more and more — including Black Lives Matter and The Daily Beast — are talking openly about “false flag” events.

Full Circle Back to Dallas — The hidden messages of the Dallas False Flag

Over the course of 24 hours…several.”snipers” morphed into one Oswaldian “lone shooter” who then conveniently died at the “hands” of a bomb-carrying robot?

The Deep State that took over the USA by stealth when they shot down its president like a dog in the streets are messaging to humanity…“This is where we will make our stand.

Nobody believes anything they say anymore. Recent reports say the police found “bomb-making material” at the “loner” gunmans' home. Wonder if he was yet another member of that new fraternity….the government-handled loser.

The recent uptick in these staged terror attacks is because the deep state is getting their @$$es whupped   . . .   But, worst of all, a “phenomenon” politician has come along who, like Kennedy, is independently wealthy and not able to be bought by greed like the Clintons…and who isn't a mind-controlled Manchurian candidate like Obama.

…the symbolism and message of the recent Dallas police shootings is a direct warning to Trump. Do you want to end up like Kennedy? [Here comes] a violent “Soros Summer”.

UPDATE 1: The FBI “alert” that alleges a Black Panther threat to kill everyone is probably bogus — part of setting the stage. There is a current movie series, “The Purge” that is becoming popular, the overlay between Hollywood and false flag events has become an enduring tragic farce.

FBI ALERT: Planned ‘Purge To Kill All Cops' –  New Black Panther Party Advisor ‘Attack Everything In Blue'


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Phi Beta Iota: What Chris Hodges lamented in Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle has peaked — literacy and critical thinking are coming back, and spectacle is now seen for what it is: a false flag attempt to distract and deceive the public. Unfortunately, violence is going to spread beyond the “controlled” false flag events as a handful of seriously stupid white and black people decide they can “add” to the “summer of chaos” that anti-Trump forces are planning. The 1% has already written the USA off as not worth saving — a point made most ably by Matt Taibbi in Griftopia–Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America — what seems to be happening here is a loss of all discipline and reason by elements of the deep state, frantic over their loss of control over who gets to be nominated to be president.

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