Debt Renunciation as a Presidential Campaign Trump Card

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Debt Renunciation Pledge

WHAT IF a candidate for the Presidency — there are only two with a real chance, the other two are spoilers absent an Electoral Reform Act — promised all individual and small business debtors in America a way out?

Below is a graphic outlining what Youth care about — a major demographic that includes tens of millions of people who know that Bernie Sanders was cheated out of multiple primary wins by Hillary Clinton using electronic fraud.


Students — and others including the elderly with medical debt and small business owners who have been “held up” — have been cheated by a mix of federal, banking,and other scoundrels who think consumers are cows to be milked until they die and then turned in hamburger. This idea is unconventional, executable, and a game-changer. Anyone listening?

Tip of the Hat to Jerr Ashton, co-author of The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector, for pointing out that Occupy created the Debt Collective. While moribund — Occupy was quickly penetrated and neutralized — it is the beginning of a good idea that is going nowhere without a dynamic leader able to mobilize the masses and deal with the banks from a position of strength. With Donald Trump, a debt collective becomes a ballot vote on the national economy, on banks, and on the legalization of banking crime by the two-party tyranny. Without Donald Trump, it remains in the whining stage. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are the two candidates one would expect to embrace electoral reform and debt collectives, but they are evidently just as controlled as Donald Trump may be, content to play minor roles as spoilers and side shows. We have not yet seen anyone with both the balls to tell the truth about how easily we could take back the power, and the public visibility necessary to mobilize the masses.

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