Joe Brewer: The Connective Intelligence of Life

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Joe Brewer
Joe Brewer

The Connective Intelligence of Life

Try to find a boundary anywhere in the system and you’ll quickly realize that no actual boundaries exist, everything is interconnected. How can this insight be applied to the convergence of global crises humanity is now confronting? First off, we can name the confusion around “issues” that claim global warming to be separate from violence against women; wealth inequality separate from extreme opulence; police brutality separate from systems of marginalization and oppression; and so on. All of these things are connected. Yet our minds are conditioned to treat them as separate entities.

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Phi Beta Iota: Parag Khanna has written the definitive book on connective intelligence at the meta or global and grand strategic level, where China is crushing the West with its focus on infrastructure instead of military adventurism.  Both are predatory in their own way absent indigenous education and independence, but China’s way is both cheaper and more sustainable.

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