Stephen E. Arnold: Marketing Assertions — Legal Lies?

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Lousy Backlog? Sell with Interesting Assertions.

If you are struggling to fill the sales pipeline, you will feel some pressure. If you really need to make sales, marketing collateral may be an easy weapon to seize. I read “Examples of False Claims about Self-Service Analytics.” The write up singles out interesting sales assertions and offers them up in a listicle. I loved the write up. I lack the energy to sift through the slices of baloney in my enterprise search files. Therefore, let’s highlight the work the brave person who singled out eight vendors’ marketing statements as containing what the author called “false claims.” Personally I think each of these claims is probably rock solid when viewed from the point of view of the vendors’ legal advisers.

Read full post with three examples and critical comments.

Phi Beta Iota: It is now legal for the US Government to lie to the US Supreme Court and lesser courts; it is now legal for the US Government to lie to the public in pursuing “strategic communications” objectives; it has long been legal for US companies, universities, labor unions, religions, and others to lie to themselves. Lying is endemic in the US economy and US society. This — not Russia, not ISIS, not Black Lives Matter, not white supremacists — is the greatest threat to US national security and US global competitiveness.

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