Yoda: Greg Satell in Forbes on Why Open Beats Closed

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yoda with light saberWhy Open Beats Closed

Greg Satell

Forbes, 26 September 2016

Now, however, it’s becoming increasingly clear that no one can go it alone and firms must choose where they will cooperate and where they will compete. This is especially true when it comes to innovation, where no single entity is likely to be able to develop more than a piece of the overall puzzle. Today, open systems are not a choice, They are an imperative.

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Phi Beta Iota: We are far past the point where an intelligent attentive government would have decided to go “all in” on Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), the term Robert David Steele has devised to cover his unique and comprehensive itemization of over 60 opens now grouped into nine major categories with twenty-seven priority sub-domains. There is still an opportunity, if someone can break through to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, to create an Open Source Agency (OSA) under defense auspices but with huge commercial, development, and diplomatic benefits.

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