Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir Shits Again…

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

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Palantir Technologies: An Overview of What Looks Like a Muliti Front War

I read “Conservatives See Political Reprisal As Obama Administration Sues Peter Thiel’s Palantir.” Here in Harrod’s Creek “political reprisal” gets translated as blood feud. The source for the “reprisal” allegation is a real journalistic outfit, The Washington Times. The story appeared on October 16, 2016, when most of the movers and shakers in DC and other US power centers were gearing up to watch NFL football.

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Phi Beta Iota: Palantir is extremely expensive crap that does not work as advertised and is poorly based on stolen intellectual property (Palantir has been found guilty in a US court of being a thief). There are three separate issues here:

01 The US Army is a bureaucracy in grid-lock and all of its existing C4I systems are out of date and deeply vulnerable. The bandwidth available to soldiers in the field is criminally deficient. Basically Big Army is out of touch and incapable of getting it right.

02 Palantir is a previously convicted criminal enterprise using lawyers to pressure the US Government, and a Congressman (Duncan Hunter) who is being paid millions of dollars to pimp for Palantir. If Trump wins, Hunter may have the power (if he does not reconnect to his integrity once freed of the need to raise money in a rigged system) to force Army to use Palantir, thereby further deepening the hole that is now called DSGS (Distributed Common Ground System) — the Army is 20 years away from the higher concept of an austere responsive survivable Distributed Joint Multinational Air, Ground, Sea System.

03 The Black OSINT world has created an integrated tool-kit vastly superior to everything now being used openly, at a fraction of the cost of what Palantir wants to charge, they are simply not sharing. The US intelligence “enterprise” is focused on spending as much money as possible on technical collection that is not processed, rather than on human capability, desktop tools that can be shared with non-government information producers outside the wire, and the creation of a multinational information operations cloud. Black OSINT is succeeding in spite of CIA and Big IC. We are long overdue for an Open Source Agency that nurtures common solutions — affordable solutions. Such an agency would find Palantir ineligible to compete on ethics, functionality, and price — that is three strikes and out.

NOTE: Arnold and Steele will be publishing books and a bi-weekly video broadcast on all of the above.

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