Norie Huddle: Does Huma Abedin’s Laptop Have ALL of the Hillary Clinton Emails Including “Quid Pro Quo” Influence Peddling Exchanges and Saudi or Israeli Intelligence Exchanges? UPDATE 1

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Norie Huddle
Norie Huddle

Media seems to be ignoring this potential bombshell. Put most succinctly: once the private email server was taken offline and bleached, all control was lost over all emails copied into handheld devices and from handheld devices into laptops. It is very possible that the laptop now being examined by the FBI contains EVERY email Huma Abedin was a party to.  WARNING NOTICE: This information has not been vetted, it is provided for consideration without warranty.

Where's The Media? A BOMBSHELL Is Being Ignored!

Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker, 1 November 2016

Without that machine (Weiner's laptop) being under remote administration such as Domain Policy control (which we can reasonably assume it was not as Huma claims “she didn't know about it” and it was allegedly a private laptop) there is no remote capability to wipe or otherwise get into said computer and remove the emails either.  In fact there's a decent chance it's running an operating system edition (if Windows) that lacks domain control capability entirely. This means that the odds are extremely high that all of the deleted emails to which Huma was a participant are on that computer. EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Read full post.

Phi Beta Iota: Karl Denninger is the brilliant and deeply ethical author of Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World, and was a co-founder of the original Tea Party movement. We note in passing that the FBI has never been serious about going after real traitors — Saudi and Israeli spies and “agents of influence” are “off limits” to the FBI, as are massive fraud schemes and influence peddling done by senior politicians, the token conviction notwithstanding.

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UPDATE 1 from Owl:

Huma Abedin emails on Weiner computer will confirm corruption scandal involving Qatar pipeline, Syrian Civil War, CIA, Clinton Foundation.   ***   Obama/HRC are using DOJ with Loretta Lynch to obstruct FBI investigation into Qatar bribes to Clinton foundation.   ***

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WARNING NOTICE: Includes foul language.

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