Phantom Phixer: Trump & 10th Amendment

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Phantom PhixerTrump Transition Web Site Gives Lengthy Mention of “10th Amendment”

On a new website his transition team has created, he’s advocating for the 10th Amendment, the provision in the U.S. Constitution cited often by conservatives who believe the federal government has usurped rights the Founders meant for the states.   . . .   Boldin noted that in 1798, Thomas Jefferson “wrote that ‘whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.’”

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Phi Beta Iota: Trump's web site and his transition process are in chaos, and it may be that Trump is very cleverly keeping the Swamp People busy while he thinks about whether he wants to get this right or simply resign and leave Mike Pence to deal with the two-party tyranny (without an Electoral Reform Act — a Unity Act — the US Government will continue to be a front for Wall Street that screws over 99% of the public). We not only support the 10th Amendment, we do not believe the USG should be allowed to collect taxes from anyone — it should be funded by the United STATES of America, who in turn should agree on the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax, a fractional tax set by national ballot (which means not going to war — or building great wall — without a public vote on raising that fractional transaction tax). The states should collect all payment transaction taxes, and then ALLOCATE their portion to the USG, which should be a service of common administrative concern, not an imperial power. Nullify, nullify, nullify!

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