Robert Steele: Facsimile to Speaker Paul Ryan

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government

10 November 2016
(Marine Corps Birthday)

Dear Speaker Paul Ryan,

I went to bed in tears on the 8th, certain the fix was in with Hillary Clinton leveraging electronic ballot tampering to “win” by 2%, only to be woken by my wife to watch in awe from midnight to three in the morning as Donald Trump beat the system. Just for the record, I think I in my capacity as a private citizen author may have partially inspired 100,000 votes for Donald Trump, and impacted in some small way over 2 million minds with my posts on How Trump Can Win and the four Kindle Shorts below.

Amazon Pagecover Democracy RiotsAmazon PageAmazon Page

The below idea could help you remain Speaker of the House by showing all of the members how they can forever more be freed from soliciting campaign funding or paying for media time. Ending dependency on lobbyist cash will also help the new Administration revert to evidence-based decision-making and begin to eliminate the 50% in documented waste across the various Congressional jurisdictions while easily funding an ambitious policy agenda.

It should be worthy of your attention that my most recent Kindle Short, RIGGED: Twelve Ways the Two-Party Tyranny Rigs the US Electoral System to Block Out Independents, Small Parties, and 70% of the Eligible Voters, has been in the top 20 in Politics at Amazon since the day it was posted. It is within your power to propose to President-elect Trump an Electoral Reform Act of 2017, the first Act to be signed into law by the President on Inauguration Day, and the clearest possible demonstration of your commitment to re-enfranchising the 70% now disenfranchised. Call it the Unity Act! In one single day, you re-boot democracy and assure your place in history and perhaps your path to the White House, should that be of interest to you. You also settle the Republic, and give President Trump the best possible start with this one bold, decisive initiative restoring power to the public.

 independent-landscape-for-victory Electoral Reform Act of 2016

I hope you will consider this revolutionary idea that will at a minimum open the doors of Congress to members of the Constitution and Libertarian Parties, among others, secure your Speakership, and unify the Republic.

I can be reached at REDACTED or via email to robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com.

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