Berto Jongman: BBC on Truth or Treason?

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Berto Jongman

Hacking: Truth or treason?

In Baquet's view, “the information trumps all” no matter how it has been obtained. But I wonder if the ease of leaking digital information has eased our moral qualms about dealing with stolen material.

Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: BBC gets one thing right: the truth at any cost, by any method, should come out and is an absolute good when it does come out. They get everything else wrong. The Russians did not “hack” the election. My email to Jim Clapper lays out what actually happened on the “hacks” (of emails, not of voting machines) and my Kindle Short also free online The Accidental President, explains better than anyone else has, precisely how Donald Trump won. It was NSA, a single hacker, and Clinton herself who did the dirty on the DNC, Podesta, and against Bernie Sanders. Anyone claiming the Russians hacked the election (e.g. John Brennan) is either an idiot or a traitor. Clapper and Comey do not agree with Brennan, he is lying about that. Everyone cyber-snoops — the Russians did not source the leaked emails and the Russians did not manipulate US voting machines.

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