Gareth Porter: The USA’s Second Biggest Blunder in Syria – Assume Iran and Russia Will Not Oppose

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Gareth Porter

Behind the real US strategic blunder in Syria

Obama’s failed Syria policy was provoked by the inability to anticipate Iranian and Russian intervention on behalf of the Syrian regime

Phi Beta Iota: Saudi Arabia bought the US President (Obama) and US Secretary of State (Clinton) and the Director of the CIA (Brennan), obtaining through bribery (“pay to play”)  US blood, treasure, and spirit toward the destruction of Syria and Yemen. Saudi Arabia has also bought US complicity in the spread of Wahhabism and radical Islam, as well as active US complicity in the creation of ISIS. The corruption of the Obama Administration is matched only by its ignorance, sadly an ignorance shared by Republicans — just as no one anticipated that Russia and Iran might object to the Syrian regime change operation, no one told Dick Cheney that he was proposing to liberate a country in which the larger Shi’ite population outside of Iran was being held in check by the same dictator that Don Rumsfeld had previously armed with chemical weapons. It merits comment that neither the CIA nor the NYT have proven truthful or useful across the years during which we have been unconstitutionally and illegally attacking Syria.

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