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Paul Ratner

The Most Dangerous Philosopher in the World

Enter Alexander Dugin, the political scientist known as “Putin’s Rasputin” or “Putin’s Brain”, as well as an occult fascist. He is also a sociology professor at the highly prestigious Moscow State University, a prolific writer, an advisor to key political and military figures and an articulator of a Kremlin-approved nationalist philosophy.

What he proposes is that there have been three leading political theories that impacted the world in the relatively recent past – liberal capitalism or “liberalism”, communism and fascism. According to Dugin, the United States is the world’s leader of liberalism, which offers individual liberty, a rationalist approach and market competition.

Dugin regards liberalism nearing a dead end, mired currently in a “nihilistic post-modern stage” because it is trying to liberate itself from rational thought and the oppression of the brain, which to a liberal is “something fascist in itself”. Dugin takes this a step further, describing liberalism as now trying to free the organs of the body from the brain’s control, alluding to its acceptance of the LGBT community.

Here’s how he explains this rationale:

“The liberalism insists on the freedom and liberation from any form of collective identity. That is the very essence of the liberalism. The liberals have liberated the human being from national identity, religious identity and so on. The last kind of collective identity is gender. So there is time to abolish it making it arbitrary and optional.”

What Dugin proposes instead of what he sees as three dead and dying ideologies is his “Fourth Political Theory”. It would create an entirely alternative political model, set against “progress” of world history as is. It would not be based on the issues of individualism, race or nationalism. He sees this theory to be partially based on the work of the existential German philosopher Martin Heidegger, controversial for his association with Nazism. His philosophy calls for a root of a human being’s self-awareness (called dasein by Heidegger) to be saved in the world, as it has been diluted in the modern space by essentially dehumanizing technology.

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Phi Beta Iota: The author of the summary has done a truly useful summary. There is a lot here. Every work is worth reading and every link is worth following. Most interesting is the critique of liberalism, which coincides with Herbert Marcuse’s commentary on Repressive Tolerance — the liberals may mean well but they are destroying the society. They have also allowed fascism to flourish in the USA, which is not a democracy — the two-party tyranny blocks 70% of all eligible voters from ballot access precisely to maintain their role as a front for Wall Street and banking control of the government — fascism by another name. All this goes back to Wall Street creating the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as its “lily pad” and “secret team” serving as the foundation for the “Deep State” that makes all politicians pawns — and with the constant surveillance of the National Security Agency (NSA) against all US politicians, including the President — many of whom are subject to blackmail by NSA — there is no question but that between Wall Street and rogue elements of the secret world, the politicians are not in charge of anything other than helping to loot the public treasury.

Wikipedia: Aleksandr Dugin in this instance offers a very useful summary of the life and works of the man. Western interpreters equal Dugin’s views with those of a fascist disguised as a nationalist. In our view he is more interesting that than — and he explicitly warns against nationalism isolated from traditional values. He seems to have a deep conservative bent that sees the urgency of upholding family and community values as well as state sovereignty, and he appears to be opposed to corporate control of the state, the technical definition of fascism. This is a man worthy of study. His vision appears to embrace both the rise of Byzantine Europe, and the rise of a new Eurasian continental alliance that opposes the loose liberalism of the Europeans and the Americans. He sees clearly a role for working with Turkey and Iran toward full engagement of the Arabs into Africa.

His website is multi-lingual: The Fourth Political Theory

See especially: Against Liberalism.

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