Berto Jongman: Analysis by Ole Dammegard of Norway Breivik Massacre as a False Flag Event

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This is a very detailed breakdown of the anomalies related to the Breivik massacre in Norway. The presentation is long and slow but does contain very useful titbits.

Olle Dammegaard is an authority on conspiracies and false flags. He has been studying them for 30 years and hypothesizes that they are all connected.

His presentation includes many clues for a false flag template. He has been in contact with whistleblowers that have been involved in black ops that have explained how false flags are prepared and organised. There are preparatory meetings and after the attack assessments in which every detail and effect is discussed. If necessary the template is adapted and if an attack is less successful there will often be an immediate second attack that is more successful.

What I found interesting was the presence on the crime scene of many different groups of people in different uniforms and outfits, the crisis actors to play the victims, and witnesses, and the people that appear to coordinate an attack.

There seems to be always a problem of communication between the different agencies. In the Norwegian case it was quite shocking what went wrong and did not function as it should. Of course it was a Friday afternoon as many people were already on the way to their holiday resorts in summertime. I assume the same would have happened in the Netherlands. I used to like working on Fridays because I was often the only one on my corridor, especially in the afternoon during summer months. It usually was my most productive day of the week as I was not distracted by useless meetings and stupid questions.

In the break a short video is shown by Dolores Flores describing the ten steps of a false flag attack:

1.create a vague enemy
2.use different ways to refer to the enemy to sow confusion
3.pick a good location where terrorist legislation is pending
4.set up a patsy
5.prepare with drills (that can go live)
6.pick a nice and catchy name for the operation
7.kill the patsy
8.use crisis actors as ‘eyewitnesses’
9.use fake videos
10.use social media to spread the message (hashtags)

Phi Beta Iota: CIA coined the phrase “conspiracy theorist” precisely to discredit those  who were skeptical of the official narrative and fake news with respect to the assassination of John F. Kennedy by elements of the US Government (USG) including the Director of the FBI, the Director of the CIA, and the Vice President about to be indicted, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Israel — represented by Yitzhak Rabin — and the Cuban mafia based in New Orleans, as well as financial powers in NYC and energy powers in Texas, were all part of that plot, successfully covered up for a quarter century. Since then no president has actually “been” president. Donald Trump has enormous potential in part because his key advisors are totally aware of the degree to which both the US intelligence community and the mainstream media are purveyors of outright lies and incapable in their present configuration of promulgating useful truths. 9/11 was a false flag event organized and overseen by Dick Cheney personally, who took it over months in advance after thirteen countries warned us directly. The five trillion dollar war undeclared by Congress (and hence unconstitutional as well as internationally illicit) was based on 935 lies led by Dick Cheney and promulgated by the fake news media. Most — perhaps not all — of the so-called terrorist incidents from the Boston Bombing to Sandy Hook to Paris I and II to San Bernardino to Orlando to the Nice and Berlin truck events, have been false flag attacks organized by Gladio B / neo-Nazis with an anti-Muslim anti-immigrant agenda. It is not helpful that the USG continues to allow Saudi Arabia and Qatar to fund the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the export of Wahhabism and terrorism into Europe and the USA. It is not helpful that the USG continues to allow Israel and the US neo-conservatives to pursue a strategy of Balkanizing the Middle East and challenging Iran, which is a bulwark against Sunni terrorism funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is not helpful that we continue to demonize Russia as it re-emerges as the rightful continental power that balanced China and is central to Byzantine Europe. Across the board we have an uneducated public, a dishonest media, and an out-of-control US foreign policy — and General Wesley Clark has noted, there has been a foreign policy “coup” in the USA. At the same time for lack of intelligence with integrity and for lack of a Whole of Government “grand strategy,” for lack of “management” in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), we have a government of wasteful stovepipes — 50% of the federal government is waste, and 95% of the budget is spent as special interests wish it to be, not as the public interest merits (the last 5% is the standard kick-back to Members of Congress who pass legislation they have not read, written by special interest, in return for this bribe).

Side note: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube are now actively censoring references to false flag events and doing everything they can to support the official narrative of fake news and lies. There is a need for a blockchain-based alternative to all of them.

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