Robert Steele: Intelligence Lies — Russians Did Not Hack Emails and Russians Did Not Hack Voting Machines — Media is Complicit in Massive Propaganda by Government Against Public UPDATE 1

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

Julian Assange, William Binney, James Bamford, and I — among many others who actually know what is going on and insist on telling the truth, always — could not be clearer: the Russians did not hack the DNC or Podesta emails and the Russians did not hack the US electronic voting machines. Jim Clapper has lied on multiple occasions, his latest two big lies are that the Russians did it, and that the voting machines are not hackable.

NOTE: At Jim's level, he does not actually touch real sources and methods. He reads reports written by others, such as NSA, and has no independent means of determining whether those reports are truthful or not — nor does he care, at this point in his career, his last quarter century has been about “keep the money moving,” not about providing evidence-based decision support for democratic governance.

The media is not stupid. The media is intelligent and actively complicit in what has been a quarter century of lies from the US Government (USG) to the US public (“the deplorables”). While 95% of all USG employees are good people trapped in a bad system, they are all terrified of losing their jobs to a virtual neo-fascist dictatorship in which the two-party tyranny works as one, against anyone who challenges their right to help Wall Street loot the public treasury at a 95% discount (the two-party tyranny collects a 5% kick-back for all delivered “earmarks” and policies).

Fox and CNN are part of this media cabal that delivers the lies from the USG to the public — they — and the New York Times and Washington Post and others (including Mother Jones, Slate, TruthOut, Rolling Stone, and other “mini-me” so-called “progressive” elements of the media cabal) — are all delivering FAKE NEWS. We should have a #FakeNews to go with #PizzaGate.

Donald Trump is “unshackled” precisely because he was elected by accident against the ruthless opposition of both the Republican and Democratic “establishment.” What most see as Trump coddling the extreme right is actually Trump working hard to settle the crazy right — he has simply been slow to address the crazy left. There is now a Deep Web campaign to crowd-fund the assassination of Donald Trump, it is a scam, not real, but a sign of things to come. In combination with George Soros funding protests and eventually false flag shootings, and an ignorant mass that does not “get” that Hillary Clinton would have been as much a “fringe” President as Barack Obama (26%) or Donald Trump (27%), that does not “get” that the system is rigged twelve different ways and Donald Trump is the closest we are going to get, right now, to unrigging that system, this latest FAKE NEWS appears designed to further undermine the Electoral College deliberations on 19 December.

On 15 December Donald Trump is going to address the public and try to make his case for not having the Electoral College over-turn his accidental presidency. He has failed miserably so far to drive home the point that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders using electronic voting fraud and other means; he has failed miserably to connect with the 73% who did not vote for him (47% of all voters did not vote at all, 13% voted for Hillary Clinton while holding their nose, the other 13% are simply stupid); and he has failed miserably to put forward the three things he could announce now, in time to make it clear that he is the first truly Independent president (which I believe he intends to be) and also the first President committed to Main Street instead of Wall Street. Trump means well, but he and his closest advisors are out of touch with Alt-INT — the intelligence of the public, the narrative that the public wants — and needs — from Donald Trump.On 15 December 2016 he should announce:

IDEA #1: Electoral Reform Act — Unity Act — to be immediately introduced in the Senate by Chuck Schumer, Rand Paul, and Bernie Sansders and in the House by Paul Ryan joined on the podium by Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, and Ralph Nader, to be signed on Inauguration Day;

IDEA #2: Grand Strategy Summit to be convened over the holiday period, in which all parties and Independents are invited to nominate Cabinet candidates and policies for consideration as a whole; freeze the current appointments process pending the outcome of that summit which should be live-streamed — the ultimate Reality Show;

IDEA #3: Debt Renunciation Pledge to be posted at a new Trumpian website,, in which he connects directly with the public by-passing all intermediaries — once he hits two trillion in potential debt renunciation, he “makes the deal” with Wall Street to cut that debt by two-thirds or declares a debt jubilee. In comparison to the taxpayer funds that bailed out Wall Street and funded the five trillion dollar military-industrial complex war on the rest of the world, the two trillion is chump change.

UPDATE 1: ZeroHedge is always worth reading.

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