Robert Steele: The Hill (Julian Hattem) Full of Crap — Fake News — Their Slam on David Petraeus is in Error and Infantile — Hard Copy Sharing with A Cleared Officer versus Electronic Treason — and Heterosexual Adultery versus Pedophilia? UPDATE 1

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Robert David Steele

The Hill has published a crap story by someone who is probably not stupid, just “owned.”

To the Editor <>

As a former spy, founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, and the most published intelligence reformer in the English language, with eight books, two with forewords from Chairmen of the SSCI (Boren and Roberts), I take issue with your article today,”Petraeus appointment could rankle wary FBI.”


There is no comparison with Hillary Clinton. While Petraeus was caught out on marriage and on mis-handling classified materials, not only was Paula Broadwell his biographer, she was also a Major (since promoted to Colonel) with Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information clearances, and it could be argued she had a need to know. The shared information was also in hard copy and not broadcast to the world.

Hillary Clinton, in contrast, created a private server EXPLICITLY to keep her Pay to Play emails outside of official communications channels, not realizing that NSA reads the emails and monitors the voice conversations of all US officials and corporate leaders of any importance, including the President. Her mishandling of classified materials — I have a copy of the email in which she ORDERED her staff to move information form the classified to the unclassified channel — required that her staff physically download information from a classified system and then port it over an air gap to an unclassified system.  While most serious, this is a minor misdemeanor compared to her selling out to Saudi Arabia and Qatar for tens of millions if not hundreds of millions (we don’t know what they have given into her offshore accounts)  — not only did she deliberately ship classified information to IP addresses in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but it is very likely that Huma Abedin is a Saudi-funded spy who has been reporting on Hillary Clinton and in all probability stealing classified documents and sharing them with the Saudis and Qatar behind Hillary Clinton’s back.

We can go into Hillary and Bill Clinton’s pedophilia another time — compared to being caught out with a very attractive woman and fellow officer, I find it hard to believe that you are all so naive as to not understand the penchant of Bill Clinton for small girls and the penchant of Hillary Clinton for “yoga instructors.” You evidently have not figured out that Epstein is a fake billionaire working for the Mossad, that his mission was to penetrate (pun intended)  the heavily pedophilic elite society in NYC and elsewhere across the country, and get everybody on tape, the Caribbean island being wired for both audio and visual. Since I am pretty sure you know all this, I can only conclude that you are complicit in covering it all up, replaying the official narrative, and failing to properly service the public.

By the by, the FBI was founded by a pedophile who accepted small boys as gifts from the mafia, and many of us believe that there is a pedophile “old boys” network in the FBI that self-selects successive generations so as to assure that there will always be a few key people at the top of the FBI to protect the elite pedophiles from Boston to Miami and across to Kansas, Nebraska, and the West Coast.

My earlier certified letter to James Comey in the aftermath of the 650,000 emails on the Anthony Weiner laptop is attached.  Think.  Do better, please.

I doubt you want to consider what we deplorables who read think, but just for the record, I am also the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories, and could probably be useful to you if and when you ever decide to serve the public interest rather than lick the ass of the two-party tyranny for mere coin.

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With scorn and disdain,
Robert Steele

UPDATE 1: Alert reader points out I was previously very critical of David Petraeus, particularly in light of possibility that Broadwell as a Mossad honey trap. Circumstances change. We now know so much about Hillary Clinton’s crimes that everything else pales in comparison. A revolution is taking place.

ADDENDUM for Phi Beta Iota Readers:

Pedophilia, not treason and not fraud, is what will bring down the “Establishment.”

I am good friends with some top FBI people, including I.C. Smith, the now retired former Special Agent in Charge in Arkansas who has some very lurid stories to tell about both Bill and Hillary Clinton (each had their separate sexual universes as well as separate criminal networks) — get a taste via I.C.’s book, Inside: A Top G-Man Exposes Spies, Lies, and Bureaucratic Bungling in the FBI. Or check out the more recent books on the Clintons such as Crisis of Character, Clinton Cash, or Guilty as Sin.

The FBI, whose leadership has refused to indict Hillary Clinton for pedophilia, electoral fraud against Bernie Sanders, treason including documented influence peddling sold to Saudi Arabia (Syria, Yemen) and Russia (US uranium), and charity fraud (so much they make the Red Cross and Wounded Warriors look like chumps), has no right to be rankled about anything. They suck at their job (I use the word advisedly) despite 95% of them being good people trapped in a bad system. The FBI is a politicized agency  that lies to itself about everything — “terrorism” is a budget building exercise, so if you are a Somali teen-ager and litter, that becomes a terrorist caught while on a reconnaissance mission.

What is becoming crystal clear to all of us “deplorables” is that the New York Times, Washington Post, The Hill — and all the rest including Fox and the Crap News Network (CNN) — are “owned.” They are barred by their owners from doing investigative journalism or reporting truth to the public — such as the fact that the moron firing a shot in Comet Pizza is a hired actor under control, with the specific intent of trying to bury the emerging citizen investigative examination of elite pedophilia among both Democratic and Republican leaders, and the sado-masochistic elite that “own” them.

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