Robert Steele: Throw Press Out of White House — Create the Presidential Grand Strategy, Public Communications, & Open Source Intelligence Center (Trump Channel) UPDATE 2: New Graphic

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Robert David Steele

The media should be ejected from the White House and pushed back to the National Press Club (NPC), where the Press Secretary's office can be located. The media — and the classified intelligence community — have proven themselves worthless at best, dangerously deceptive and even treasonous (John Brennan particularly) this past year. A Trump Channel that goes directly to the public via social media and direct Internet access to such Reality-TV programming as the President might wish to provide, would improve, both the provision of factual information to the public, and the ability of the President to educate and poll the public directly. Re-purposing the space now wasted on the fake news media would give the President an in-house Trump Channel studio, combined with an Open Source Intelligence Center and perhaps also a Grand Strategy presidential support cell under the direction of the National Security Advisor.

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UPDATE 2: New graphic proposing termination of National Security Council to be replaced by a National Strategy Council (led by a clerk, not a czar or traitor working for John McCain and the Deep State).

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UPDATE 1: Schummer Channel created this week, to take Trump on with “more creative, buzzy, viral content” beginning on Inauguration Day. Source.

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Background: The President-Elect understands that both the media and the secret intelligence agencies cannot be relied upon for truthful useful information. At the same time, OMB, Cabinet Members, and Congressional jurisdictions lack their own reliable intelligence (decision-support) capability offering holistic analytics and true cost economics toward a balanced budget and the eradication of waste (50% of the federal budget is documented waste). This is a management opportunity for OMB.

Recommendation: That the Director-Designate of OMB raise with Pence, Priebus, and Flynn the potential value of pushing the Press Secretary and the Press out to the National Press Club, re-purposing this space to house the National Security Advisor and a Grand Strategy Cell that works closely with the DD for Management at OMB, supported by an OMB Open Source Research Cell & Open Source Intelligence Production Unit that provide direct support of the President as well as the Cabinet & OMB while shareable with Congressional Committees, all co-located with Trump Studio for direct educational briefings to the public across all threat, policy, and budget domains. A Public Daily Brief, vastly superior to the President’s Daily Brief, (4% at best of what President needs to know, nothing for the Cabinet or Congress)  can be produced, while the Public Briefing Team can support cross-country  educational events that  — combined with an online outreach program — strive to re-engage 100% of the public in the public enterprise. This initiative empowers the President with decision-support and public awareness such as neither the secret world nor the media (or the USG) can provide today.

Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport: Suppose, as rumored, Trump decides to re-cast the whole White House Press Office? Suppose, for example, he intends to deny many veteran reporters their press credentials, and instead welcomes independent journalists?

Suppose Trump decides to establish his own Web channel, and live- streams many fireside chats directly to a global audience, without even letting the press know his schedule?

Suppose the New York Times and the Washington Post fall to the bottom of the pile, left to scramble for crumbs?

Yes, things could get much worse for major media. And they should, because they have been lying to the public ever since the first brick was laid on their first office building.

Read full brilliant analysis of the death of the corrupt mainstream media.

Phi Beta Iota: The intelligence community leadership (not the good people across the secret world) as well as mainstream media, progressive media, and social media (owner-controllers) have been complicit in high crimes and misdemeanors. Robert Steele's suggestion of throwing the press (and the CIA briefing team) entirely out of the White House and creating a Trump Channel that goes directly to the public (while also opening new channels from the public to the White House) is exactly where we need to go.

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