CIA Training Handbook: How to Fake Intelligence Plus Case Study on Faking Russians Hacking US Election

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WARNING NOTICE: Exclusively for Directorate of Operations Covert Action Staff (DO/CAS) Employees Identified by Name within Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) List FKTRUMP.


It is sometimes necessary to fabricate intelligence — to lie to our customer — in order to achieve a necessary strategic effect. There are two general justifications for this form of covert influence operation:

01 When we are pretty sure it is the truth and cannot prove it

02 When we know it is a lie but it is a lie that serves our internal ends

Customers are used to receiving written reports from us — and occasionally videos. Rather than attempt to forge documents or sound recordings, the easiest way to fake intelligence is to simply write it up as if we had the human or signal or imagery source reporting in hand. The customer is naive and assumes that we always tell the truth.

If we want to be subtle and be ready to deal with skeptics having the power to demand a deeper offering (there are only a handful of those), we can construct a trail of “bread-crumbs,” partial reports alleged to have come from multiple sources at multiple locations over a month or even a year long time span,  that our analysts can then — in a blinding flash of genius — pull together, “connecting the dots.” We simply back-date the OPINTEL cables, we back-date the internal memoranda, and presto, we have a fake file justifying a fake report.

The customer does not know that most of our human assets have been doubled by the local authorities; that our signals intercept capabilities generally cannot tri-angulate a source with geospatial precision — we take stuff out of the broad electromagnetic spectrum; or that our cyber is very rudimentary — fourteen year old kids know how to cover their tracks, this is not something we can handle even with Vault 7 capabilities helpful in pinning our intrusions on the Russians.

The customer is also very ignorant. They do not think in term of historical and multi-issue context. The average customer has the attention span of a middle-aged gerbil.

So when all else fails, fake it. Below is a sample scenario.

MISSION: “Prove” that the Russians “hacked” the US election.

PURPOSE: Protect the Deep State and the viability of CIA as the secret lily pad for the Deep State within the US Government. De-legitimize Donald Trump and provide some semblance of exoneration for Hillary Clinton, such that she can continue to raise funds to support her vital contributions to the Saudi Arabians, Israelis, and Wall Street.

STARTING POINT: We will use Jon Rappoport's Ten Rules for faking news or intelligence. All Covert Action Staff employees are required to memorize these ten rules. Generally speaking, a proper covert action influence operation, particularly one against our own President, Congress, or public, demands that we leverage at least seven of these ten rules.

The Russians Hacked the Election

This is our “meme” The public has — because we have worked hard on this — a vaguely negative concept of hackers as evil. The public does not understand that hackers are like astronauts, pushing the edge of the cyber-envelope, or that we have been grossly irresponsible as a government since the first briefing to Congress in 1990 on the looming “electronic pearl harbor” or the first warning letter in 1994 to the White House on our cyber-vulnerability.

Hackers are evil. Russia is evil. 
Russia hacked the election” is our meme.

Hacking and Leaking Are the Same Thing

For the meme to work, cyber-snooping (unauthorized electronic access) must be conflated with leaking even if the leaking is done by an insider with authorized access. We must also conflate hacking by a Romanian taxi driver with a history of independent and successful social engineering, with organized Russian state action. Regardless of the facts, blame it on the Russians and confuse leaking with hacking.

Important Omissions

  • NOISRAEL. It is vital that we not “clutter” up the narrative by pointing out that the Israelis also attempted to hack the election for Hillary Clinton, inclusive of their collaborators within Facebook and Google ensuring that the Israeli playbook for marginalizing anyone critical of Israel is used to marginalize Trump supporters. The Israeli protocols for labeling the most effective Trump supporters as “spammers” help shut many of them down across the media comment sections that do not do quality control on spam accusations. Facebook's censoring of all posts including private posts critical of Hillary Clinton, Google's manipulation of search results to hide Clinton + Crime and convert every search for Trump into Trump + Hitler, are part of the deal. Israel's fingerprints must be concealed at all costs.
  • NOUK. We must absolutely avoid at all costs the fact that the UK took the initiative with GCHQ and MI-6 guiding us and assisting us in carrying out a massive illegal surveillance operation against candidate Trump.
  • NOCHINA. We will also ignore the Chinese hacking of the Office of Personnel Management which gave the Chinese complete personal dossiers on millions of personnel files.
  • NOEUROPE. We will ignore all the activities by France and Germany to monitor US politicians.
  • NOCONTENT. We must also avoid at all cost any public focus on the fact that it was the content of the leaked emails, not the fact of their leak, that influenced public views of Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedeen, John Podesta, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz with respect to their treason and pedophilia and charity fraud as well as electoral fraud.
  • NONSA. At all costs we must avoid provoking anyone into realizing that NSA does more spying on all US politicians and all US citizens, than any combination of foreign actors including China, Iran, and Russia.
  • NOWH. The White House statements to the effect that the Russians did not hack the election were not authorized by the Deep State and have since been buried by our captive media assets.

Points of Intervention

Voting Machines. Alleging that the Russians altered the vote count so as to deprive Hillary Clinton of her legitimate win would be ideal. Unfortunately, she jumped the gun on the meme and drew attention to the Russians such that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stepped in and closed the very doors she was planning to use against Trump that she used to steal thirteen primaries from Bernie Sanders. While the leadership of the DHS and FBI are totally with us in faking intelligence, the good people from DHS and FBI who stopped Hillary Clinton's electronic ballot tampering are too likely to speak up if we make this claim, so we must reluctantly set it aside.

Democratic National Committee Leaks. The only people with a complete copy of all DNC electronic communications and a menu of all back doors into the DNC are our colleagues at NSA, some of whom are on record via William Binney as well as Steve Pieczenik as having done the leaking.  This is a probem, but the public is stupid, our challenge is to intimidate Donald Trump into believing that we can connect notional Russian actors with the transfer of DNC privileged communications to WikiLeaks. Never mind that Ambassador Craig Murray has said he received the emails from a DNC insider in Washington DC, never mind that DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in the immediate aftermath of these leaks and was the probably source. We cannot prove the Russians accessed the leaked emails and we cannot prove the Russians delivered the emails to Julian Assange (who denies this compellingly in both an interview with John Pilger and another interview with Sean Hannity) so we are going to make up — fabricate — Russian “intermediaries” and we are going to make up a “direct order” from Vladimir Putin. We have no evidence of either, but we will fabricate such “evidence” as we need to persuade the chump from New York.

John Podesta and the Romanian Taxi Driver. The public is not really conscious of the fact that “Gucifer” is a Romanian taxi driver with a history of independent and remarkably successful hacking given his very low-rent equipment. Gucifer is going to be our key. We debriefed him while he was in jail in Virginia, we released him to Romania because he was what he said he was, but we are now going to use him to fabricate his being under Russian control. There is a known Russian intelligence officer at the Russian Consulate in Bucharest, we are going to pretend that he was Gucifer's controller. We will photo shop a meeting between this individual and Gucifer.

Faking the Delivery of the Emails. It is unfortunate Julian Assange has been virtually imprisoned in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. We have done what we could to “drone” Assange as Hillary Clinton asked us to do, but we have so far only been able to murder a couple of those associated with Assange and hijack some of the WikiLeaks accounts. We are going to build our delivery around an alleged meeting between the Russian Embassy Press Secretary in London, and his new lawyer (we successfully assasinated James Jones, his former lawyer, in April 2016). We missed Assange when he was out and about.

Closing the Deal

A major incentive for those who are being lied to and know they are being lied to, to nevertheless accept our lies and not challenge them publicly, is their knowledge that we might have them assassinated in ways that cannot be detected. In combination with complicit judges (such as the judge in Texas when we assassinated Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia) and local law enforcement — as well as Secret Service collaborators (such as those that allowed the official assassination of John F. Kennedy, one of our finest moments) anyone, including the chump from New York, will have to think deeply before confronting us.

Because Donald Trump is a hard case, we have asked Senator Chuck Shumer (D-NY) to publicly warn Trump after Trump blew off his private warning. Chuck has always been one of our favorites, and has replaced Senator Joe Lieberman as Israel's man on the inside, we promise never to release the videos of Chuck Schumer raping the 13-year-old boy — or was it a little girl, we forget — there are so many of these videos from Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Island Studios and the New York studios disguised as a private “no name” elite hotel (this the best investment the Mossad ever made — better even than Robert Maxwell and the takeover of NSA's computers).

A Cautionary Note

The world of information is changing. We no longer can completely control the public narrative, even as we add Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube to our “controlled assets” list. We have to go for broke on this one. If Trump does not back down — worse yet, if he creates a Trump Channel and an Open Source Agency — our days are numbered unless we assassinate him. We have evaluated Mike Pence and believe that Mike Pence will choose the path of least resistance and accommodate the Deep State on a “live and let live” basis. Trump the man is the sole obstacle to the continuation of the Deep State.

Donald Trump must be broken, or killed.

This is a moment in our history as important as when we assassinated JFK. Trump's intelligence team is weak, they have not connected all the dots, we have let them know they will be handsomely rewarded if they succeed in getting Trump to ignore Mike Flynn and “accommodate.” This is still a toss-up. It all depends on whether we can intimidate Trump into ignoring his instincts and all the public opposition to our narrative from professional intelligence officers who still have their integrity — particularly Robert Steele, whom we call “open sores” and William Binney, who can tear our fake evidence apart in seconds.

Just as we have been helping the private sector assassinate medical and environmental activtists, the time may have come for us to start assassinating intelligence reform activists, including Mike Flynn — we should have killed him when he was writing Fixing Intel.

Donald Trump has turned into a magnet for skeptics, empowering enemies we were able to marginalize so easily before as long as we had a complicit media. Our world is coming apart because of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump must be broken, or killed.


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