Jon Rappoport: Does Goldman Sachs Own Donald Trump? The Ultimate Quid Pro Quo? Or Has Trump Assembled Team B for a Takedown?

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Jon Rappoport

What deal did Donald Trump make with Goldman Sachs?

Wall Street On Parade (January 9) details the boggling Goldman Sachs presence on Trump’s team. My comments will follow the list of names.

Read full post with list of names and analysis.

Phi Beta Iota: One reason Donald Trump may have chosen not to divest himself of his “empire” is that it is not an empire at all, but a massive ponzi scheme rooted in very large loans from very large banks. The absolute last thing Trump wants is for the world to see him as less than a mega billionaire — not the $10B he claims, not the $5B Bloomberg estimates, but perhaps $1B or even less. Loans are leverage. The dirty little secret here that Jon Rappoport focuses on is that Goldman Sachs owns Donald Trump. Having said that, we also believe that Donald is extremely clever and very independent — given time (and the right advisors) he could “flip” this relationship in constructive ways.

NEW: Several observers we respect have said there are rumors that this is Team B and in fact a team picked because of its deep knowledge necessary to taking down Goldman Sachs. The war between Trump and the secret world has been a front for a war between the globalists ready to sacrifice America for their own selfish ends, and the America First team led by Trump that is prepared to take down the globalists. This is certainly an exciting spin on why Trump has so many Goldman Sachs wizards on his team. We pray he is on a righteous path and we certainly support America First.

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