Kevjn Lim: China Buys Into Israel

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Israel and China’s Silk Road

With BRI now at play, three implications and opportunities arise that transcend bilateral economic cooperation: infrastructural and trade interconnectivity, a closely-related “information Silk Road”, and Israel’s potential as mediator between the world’s two leading powers.

The nexus of infrastructure, transport and communications transmission routes paves the way for an unprecedented degree of interconnectivity embracing a community already exceeding 60 nations. China’s infrastructural footprint in Israel began with the Carmel Tunnels near Haifa in 2007, six years before BRI’s formal announcement. Yet, it is the projected “Med-Red” railway linking Eilat with Ashdod, reportedly to be constructed by China, that could transform Israel into a land bridge along the Maritime Silk Road.

Phi Beta Iota: The portion on Israel is in the middle of the document, following a very fine strategic overview of China's trade and infrastructure investment policy. Parag Khanna's book Connectography remains the best investigation into how China is whipping the USA with trade and infrastructure for peace instead of military invasions that profit only the US military-industrial complex and the banks behind that complex.

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