Mongoose: Is “The Family” Penetrating Donald Trump? Is a Religious-Criminal Cabal Securing Key Spots?

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No direct knowledge — circulating among the non-evangelical alt-right.

Certain Trump picks point to a religious-criminal cabal preparing for a Pence presidency. What do Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and certainly not least, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, have in common? Membership in ‘The Fellowship’, a quasi-religious organization-unregistered lobby with fingerprints all over past USA international crimes sprees. These three significant personalities all are under the ‘spiritual’ tutelage of Doug Coe, leader of ‘The Family’ where if you are ‘chosen’ there is a different standard, an unaccountable standard, where everything up to and inclusive of child rape is excused.

Phi Beta Iota: Donald Trump knows he is being played and he is himself playing for time and position. What he does not seem to have in place is a proper vetting process in the context of a grand strategy. All signs are pointing toward Trump's being pressured to resign or be impeached. He is simply not doing enough to take down the Establishment, and is instead allowing the Establishment to place its Trojan Horses everywhere, including the two most important positions: the Establishment owns the White House via the Chief of Staff and the Office of Presidential Personnel via the Director.

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