Doug Macgregor: YouTube (2:00) Margin of Victory

Ethics, Military, Officers Call, Strategy

ROBERT STEELE: My comment as posted at YouTube

This is extraordinary! Will be added to the eight other great items by or about him at Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence, see them at This man should be National Strategy Advisor to the President or Special Assistant for Strategy to the Secretary of Defense. Note that he is a PhD as well as a combat decorated veteran whose unit destroyed over 70 tanks and trucks in 3 minutes after the US Air Force failed to destroy the same tanks and trucks in two weeks of “precision” bombing. I am an old infantry guy, Doug Macgregor has absolutely made me a convert to both armor, and tracks not wheels. If America is to be Great Again, his mind is one starting point.

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Margin of Victory: Five Battles that Changed the Face of Modern War

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