SPECIAL: Crap News Network (Erin Burnett) Celebrates America’s Greatest Active War Criminal (Eliot Abrams) While Fox Questions Trump’s Mental Health

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In the 7 pm news tonight, Erin Burnett, an intelligent woman totally lacking in ethics, celebrated America's greatest war criminal (still working — Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger are in the background pulling strings). She managed to get through an entire interview in sock puppet mode, without a single honest observation with respect to Elliot Abram's lurid past as a serial war criminal.

In combination with Fox News playing up “concerns” about Donald Trump's mental health, with comedian turned Senator Al Franken as the punch line, tonight saw the mainstream fake news media roll out what is obviously a joint Democratic-Republican leadership attack on Donald Trump.

Crap News Network (CNN) — what should we call Fox — The Freaked Out X-Holes?

References Below the Fold


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Rand Paul: Do not let Elliott Abrams anywhere near the State Department

Iran-Contra Villain Elliott Abrams Is Back

Phi Beta Iota: Given the lack of government experience across the Cabinet Secretaries, we believe the President should be carefully considering the most senior women professionals in each department to serve as Deputy Secretaries. The other positions should be spread across Independents and small parties with a small portion allocated for Republican and Democratic staffers. The Office of Presidential Personal is not just out of control, it is in enemy hands. Donald Trump is being “rolled” by Dick Cheney, among others.

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