Mongoose: Oroville Dam is False Flag Extortion by State of California with Malice Aforethought

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The evidence is in. The Oroville Dam “failure” is contrived. There is video evidence of an explosion displacing some of the otherwise perfect concrete that was once part of the emergency spillway, and there is visible evidence that the emergency spillway was tampered with.

There is also documentation of many warning to the California state authorities that were deliberately ignored and even maligned. It is only now, with Donald Trump as President, that the State of California officials have decided to extort money ($100 billion) from the federal government and challenge Donald Trump with a contrived false flag disaster. This disaster was a man-made event that should be investigated by the FBI.

Hole in Spillway Very Likely Created with Demolitions

The story is getting out, aided by Alex Jones and, and the California authorities are starting to panic as chances of a public investigation radically increase. One website, direct IP address, managed by Jim Stone, has been “taken down” by ICANN for specious reasons. It was reinstated after publicity from Alex Jones but is down again now. This is an example of how various levels of government can censor truthful information revealing government criminal conspiracies.

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As a side note, the Governor of California is known to have been a key player in the drought that was contrived and exaggerated in order to force family farms to sell their land. Once they sold, a friend of the Governor stepped in, bought up the land, and is cutting a deal to create a massive agricultural tract owned and operated by one company. This is state-level corruption and fraud that should be investigated by the FBI.

Phi Beta Iota: In our view, both the dam emergency and the drought emergency should be treated as a criminal conspiracy investigation, and the Governor of California should be subject to a deep probe. We are waiting on the video and photos — on balance we are quite certain that the FBI should be brought in and this should be treated at state-sponsored sabotage that if proven would subject the Governor to both impeachment and criminal conspiracy charges including racketeering.  We do not believe Jerry Brown's public denial of knowledge. We call for his deep investigation on both the dam and the drought scam.

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