Noah Hanawait: Testimonial for Robert Steele

Civil Society, Ethics
Noah Hanawait

What could you do better? I've got nothing to say on that front. I'm vastly more well informed thanks to you're countless book recommendations and reviews, your no-bullshit, yet eternally optimistic view of the world and the challenges facing it/us.

Yours is absolutely one of the most important voices speaking out today in my opinion.

There are very few intelligent, logically minded people whom I've directed to your work that haven't walked away with a better understanding of both how things work and how things can actually be changed. The latter being the most important part of your message as I see it. If someone wants to talk politics, I always find myself following your lead by hammering home the importance of electoral reform, intelligence reform and open source everything.

We all spend so much time trying to treat the symptoms , when in actuality, personal power, poverty reduction and a return to democracy are the cures to a sickness no one dares diagnose as the root cause of it all. People are starting to listen, and I too sometimes find myself sharing your optimism. Hope we can hang in there until all the sleeping masses wake up.

Thank you so much for having the sack to speak-up, and the willingness to make so many personal sacrifices for the rest of us jack-asses.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I am getting a lot more attention these days — the election of Donald Trump appears to have re-booted public interest in breaking out of the rigged system. While Trump himself is surrounded by traitors and he is in something of a strait-jacket, a number of us are mounting a rescue mission.

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