Doug Macgregor: Margin of Victory Presentation at Metropolitan Club, Washington DC 9 February 2017

Capabilities-Force Structure, Ethics, Military, Officers Call, Peace Intelligence, Strategy, Strategy-Holistic Coherence
Col Dr. Douglas Macgregor

On the evening of 9 February 2017 Col Dr Doug Macgregor presented a new briefing to a packed house at the Metropolitan Club of Washington, DC. Summarizing his latest book, Margin of Victory, his extemporaneous commentary was riveting.

His two most important points: first, that Grand Strategy covers all elements of national policy, not only national security — commerce and diplomacy, agriculture and energy — ALL elements of national policy must be managed as a whole to achieve peace and prosperity; and second, that wars are won or lost based on the ten years of strategy, policy, and acquisition that precede them — he did not say this, but it was clear that the military we have today cannot win wars.

Thirteen Slides Below the Fold

BRIEFING (13 Slides): Margin of Victory Presentation 9 Februrary 2017


Colonel (ret) US Army
Executive Vice President
Burke-Macgregor Group LLC
Reston, Virginia

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