Yoda: US Political System Unraveling…Finally?

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A new, liberal tea party is forming. Can it last without turning against Democrats?

Grass-roots movements can be the life and death of political leaders.

What if a new tea party is arising, with the energy and enthusiasm to bring out new voters and make a real difference at the polls, starting with the 2018 midterm elections?

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Phi Beta Iota: All parties are toxic — corrupt to the bone and inherently antithetical to the public interest. The Democratic Party was taken down in 2016. The Republican Party will in all probability be taken down in 2017 going into 2018. The Libertarian Party and Green Parties will continue to flounder because they don’t have the wit to understand that the public wants transparent direct democracy, not a “representative” cabal that turns traitor and thief the minute its Members reach Washington DC.

Donald Trump — not the Democratic Party and certainly not the Republican Party — is perfectly positioned to lead the Electoral Reform Act of 2017. Reince Preibus is in constant betrayal of Donald Trump, having buried five certified letters known to have been delivered to him, on this topic. Across the country a movement is emergent that seeks to connect Donald Trump to the ideas of Robert Steele. The one page Memorandum for the President is said to have been delivered to him during the Sunday evening “quiet time.” We have no direct knowledge.

We pray for the death of all parties, and the emergence of direct democracy. Only an Electoral Reform Act of 2017 can accomplish that without violence. Only direct democracy

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