DefDog: Desperate Deep State Floats Story – Russians “May” Be Aiding Taliban in Afghanistan According to NATO Commander [Who Should Be Immediately Relieved of Command]

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The guy is either insane or a criminal.

Russia may be aiding Taliban in Afghanistan, top US general says

The top U.S. general in Europe told lawmakers Thursday that he sees evidence Russia might be supplying the Taliban in an effort to undermine the United States, in what could be a significant turning point in the Afghanistan conflict.

“I’ve seen the influence of Russia of late, increased influence in terms of association and perhaps even supply to the Taliban,” Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, the head of the U.S. military’s European Command and the Supreme Allied Commander for NATO, told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: The President needs to end all US support for NATO — the “pimp for the whores of war” as I have stated publicly. General Philip Breedlove, USAF, then NATO Commander, was actively in a state of treason in trying to start a war with  Russia. “General” Scaparrotti is clearly moving along the same lines.  When you combine his idiocy with the fact that the new NATO Secretary General from Norway donated questionable amounts of Norway’s treasure to the Clinton Foundation, and approved the sending of Norwegian military elements to Libya in support of a clearly illegal regime change operations, only to be “rewarded” with a position as NATO Secretary General, makes it clear, at least to me, that the time has come to put NATO to death.  Scaparrotti should be subject to a complete counterintelligence investigation with a focus on the specific individual encouraging him to lie to Congress — as John Brennan, Jim Clapper, and Mike Rogers have lied to Congress — about Russia as the aggressor.

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