Eric Zuesse: The Deep State

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Eric Zuesse

American writer and investigative historian

Aristocracy Deceives Public about the Deep State

The «deep state» is the aristocracy and its agents. Wikispooks defines it as follows:

The deep state (loosely synonymous with the shadow government or permanent government) is in contrast to the public structures which appear to be directing individual nation states. The deep state is an intensely secretive, informal, fluid network of deep politicians who conspire to amplify their influence over national governments through a variety of deep state milieux. The term «deep state» derives from the Turkish »derin devlet», which emerged after the 1996 Susurluk incident so dramatically unmasked the Turkish deep state.

Their article is so [dis] honest that it continues from there, directly to:

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Phi Beta Iota: The “Deep State” is not just the elements of the secret world that bribe and blackmail US politicians and others. It includes the two-party tyranny led by pedophiles, who are themselves subordinate to a financial elite (also led by pedophiles) who in turn are responsive to a “higher order” of Khazarian Mafia led by the Rothschilds with a strong Vatican/Jesuit overlay.  Essentially there a multiple global crime families that subvert all normal institutions including governments, and threat the Earth — and humanity, as their own preserve to do with as they please.

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