Jon Rapport: NIH / CDC Launch Criminally Insane Zika Virus — It Will Alter Human DNA without Informed Consent — this is the Deep State at its Worst

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Jon Rappoport

Zika vaccine: watch out—it will alter your DNA

In many previous articles, I’ve established there is no convincing evidence the Zika virus causes the birth defect called microcephaly. (Zika archive here)

All this fraud set the stage for the Zika DNA vaccine. Yes, it is under development. It is, in fact, an example of the next generation of vaccines. And this is why you should watch out.

SYNTHESIZED GENES ARE INJECTED INTO THE BODY. That’s why it’s called a DNA vaccine. Beginning to wonder what this is all about? It’s about PERMANENTLY ALTERING YOUR DNA. It’s about altering the DNA of every person on the planet who is vaccinated.