Mongoose: Facebook Loves Pedophilia?

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#GoogleGestapo works for the Deep State.

Is Facebook Permitting Pedophilia and Child Porn on its Platform?

While Facebook facilitates facial recognition and vacuums up user data by the exa-byte (look it up), they draw the line at being asked to clamp down on child porn being passed around on its servers.

In a shocking story putting the massive social network in a very seedy light, Gizmodo reported last week, “When BBC journalists discovered child porn on the network and sent those images to Facebook last week, the company reported the BBC to police in the UK for the distribution of illegal images.”

That’s right. When informed that pedophiles were passing around pictures of children in the vilest, most unholy ways, Facebook shot the messenger. Well, Facebook asked police to do it for them — metaphorically of course.

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Phi Beta Iota: #GoogleGestapo, under the leadership of Eric Schmidt, includes not only Google and its surrogates such as AdRoll and YouTube, but Facebook and Twitter and probably PayPal as well. The idea is to censor pro-Trump information, elevate violent “American Spring” information, and encourage deep liberal views such as “pedophilia is okay.”

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