Ty Simpson: Dantheman on Solving Fake News Problem and Achieving True Consensus

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Ty Simpson

How to Solve Fake News with Proof of Consensus and Blockchains

There is a significant difference between “perception of consensus” and “actual consensus”. This difference has never been clearer than the “perceived consensus” that Hillary would win, and the “actual consensus” that Trump won.


The art of propaganda is to convince everyone that everyone else thinks a certain way. If you believe everyone is against you, then you will be afraid to say what you think for fear of rejection.

More often than most people want to admit, people will choose to believe what they think everyone else believes. This stems from a lack of self confidence and the belief that “everyone else cannot be wrong”.

Blockchains generate a public record that can be verified by all. For the first time in human history we have a technology that gives everyone the power to directly verify the signed testimony of everyone else and the order in which it was created. We have the power to draw deterministic conclusions based upon the incorruptible inputs of the masses. We are no longer dependent upon trusting a 3rd party to validate our transactions.

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Phi Beta Iota: The collapse of public trust in what is now known as #GoogleGestopo, including not only Google and its surrogates such as AdRoll and YouTube but also Facebook and Twitter — all actively censoring pro-Trump commentary and actively elevating anti-Trump commentary — has opened the way for public adoption of alternatives. PollMole, below, is one such alternative.

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