Joachim Hagoplan: The “White House Coup – Syria as a Bay of Pigs Moment, Treason Most Foul From Within

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Inside the “Et Tu Brute” White House Coup

The administration’s overnight switcheroo on Syria from accepting Assad as the Syrian leader to calling for his ouster has everything to do with Stephen Bannon suddenly being demoted and pushed out of the National Security Council (NSC) while the recent ascent of the faction opposing Bannon is being led by both the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump as her father’s “personal” advisor and her husband Jared Kushner as Trump’s “senior advisor.”

Ivanka’s own personal advisor that she recently brought into the White House was instantly promoted to deputy national security advisor in Dina Habib Powell, another young rising star who happens to be Egyptian American. Another Ivanka-Jared ally is Trump’s chief economic advisor Gary Cohn. Not only is half this New York City foursome unfit for the job, but all four of these Trump team members are ideologically Democrats and part of the same NYC liberal establishment that’s in fact committed to removing Donald Trump from office by any means necessary. Until his father-in-law ran for president, Kushner was a lifelong Democrat and loyal Dem Party donor.

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Phi Beta Iota: Our legitimate president appears to be surrounded by traitors including family members who have loyalties far removed from those of the 27% of the eligible voters that helped the President win “accidentally” when other elements of the Clinton campaign to steal the election were blocked, and a sufficiency of citizens stayed home after revelations of her treason, crime, and association with pedophiles. Our president is at a fork in the road — he can reboot, or he can go down.

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