Owl: Jared Kushner for President? Is This The Plan?

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“Israel First” on Steroids?

Trumps' son-in-law, Jared Kushner is 36 years old. The minimal age to become president is 35. With the media lately buzzing with chatter about all the very high-level roles Trump has assigned him, I can find no article or pundit who makes any connections to the implication that he is old enough to run for president.

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One article below, for example, counts seven distinct, large roles.  The LA Times says he is “Deputy President” and Washington Post says he is “shadow Secretary of State.” Combining the observations he is of age to become president and will gain invaluable high-level government experience in the next four years while preforming these various roles, it appears that, while he adheres to the underlying pattern of Hilary's playbook (who first became a US Senator and later Secretary of State to gain “training”), the ultimate goal here is quite obvious: to make Kushner the first Jewish (and Zionist) president of the US.

“According to CNN, Kushner's authority permeates through almost every branch of government. Since officially joining the Trump administration, Kushner has reportedly taken on a role in negotiating trade deals with China, reopening productive trade conversations with China, leading a push for bureaucratic innovation, and reforming the criminal justice system. Kushner's role is so influential, The Washington Post even referred to him as a “shadow secretary of state” after he organized meetings between the United States and Mexico through “back-channels.”

Pundits and Trump's critics fault him for placing his son-in-law in roles he has no experience or qualifications in. And they are correct in doing so. But did these critics say the same about Hilary Clinton's qualifications when Clinton, whose only qualifications was merely being a wife of a former president, ran for senator and became Secretary of State?  It doesn't matter Kushner knows nothing about the tasks he has been asked to perform. It's all about the experience he gains and the connections he makes while he goes about working on these tasks and roles. It's called “grooming.” At the end of Trump's first term (when Kushner will be 40) or second term (if  Trump is elected again), Kushner will be presented to the public as the best and most viable presidential material.


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