Yoda: Timeline of Trump Betraying Alt-Right While Zionists Capture White House — Syria is the Last Straw — Or is Donald Trump a Genius? UPDATE 7

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Problems he has.

How The Alt-Right Broke Up With Donald Trump

Hunter  Wallace

The attack on Syria was the final straw. It was a stunning turn of events. Donald Trump ripped up his “America First” foreign policy and threw it in the garbage in order to appease the political establishment. In doing so, he severely undermined our confidence in his character, cast doubt on every other promise he made on the campaign trail and sawed off the leg of his appeal that comes from a non-interventionist foreign policy.

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BEST COMMENT SO FAR IN FAVOR OF TRUMP PERSONALLY: Old football coach, “Yeah, he's playing both sides to work the middle.”

SECOND BEST COMMENT: Missiles were not a message to China, they were a message to everyone starting with Saudi Arabia: “Enough, already.  No more war.”


SPECIAL: Joe Burgett: Ivanka Trump Reportedly the One Behind President Trump’s Move to Bomb Syria

SPECIAL: Mike Cernovich – McMaster Lying to Trump, Cooking Intelligence, Illegally Sharing with Petraeus, Trying to Manipulate Trump Toward 150,000 Ground Troops in Syria

Robert Steele: Raw Talk with Victurus Libertas on Trump Good, Bad, Ugly #DraintheSwamp (YouTube, 55:08)

Rand Paul: Trump Needs Congressional Authorization to Wage War on Syria [Impeachable Act?]

Owl: Jared Kushner for President? Is This The Plan?

UPDATE 6: The fact that the US cruise missiles hit an abandoned base and were not intercepted by either Russian or Syrian (Russian proxy) anti-missile systems that are fully capable of taking out our antiquated cruise missiles, strongly suggests that this was a “theatrical” attack pre-arranged with Russia and Syria to silence the neo-conservatives and prepare for the next stage of Donald Trump's leadership. Below is the single most ardent articulation of Donald Trump's genius.

Donald Trump asserts his authority over his allies (Thierry Meyssan)

UPDATE 5: There is absolutely no question but that this was a false flag attack, a faked attack, and that the US attack on Syria was unconstitutional and subjects the President to impeachment were Congress to agree (improbable, this is what the Deep State wanted). Below are just two more recent articles on this madness. Secretary of State Tillerson is completely wrong in stating that the Assad regime used chemical weapons against the rebels.  CIA Director Mike Pompeo, to his enormous credit, appears to have done his job (see UPDATE 4) and then been shut out of the decision meeting by Trump – Kushner, a mistake of epic proportions.

Washington’s False Flag: United Nations Confirmed that US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons

False flag conspiracy in regards to Syria gas attack suggested

UPDATE 4: Do we owe Mike Pompeo an apology? If so, gladly. The below story by esteemed investigative journalist Robert Parry suggests that Pompeo got it right, briefed against the attack, and was then shut out by Trump-Kushner from the decision meeting in Mar a Lago. If so, hats off to Mike Pompeo, but also a caution: he needs to report to Congress that the President ignored his cautionary and contrary intelligence. It's not good enough to tell the President the truth, you have to hold the President accountable when he refuses to listen to the truth. We note with concern increasing signs of Mattis and Dunford suffering from “the Nazi disease” of sado-massochistic homosexuality, and we are beginning to wonder if McMaster is part of that club as well. The President was lied to and manipulated. We all need to know the specifics. One person got it right on saying no to this international atrocity and undeclared war against Syria: Steve Bannon.

Where Was CIA’s Pompeo on Syria?

Steve Bannon Reportedly Opposed Syrian Airstrike

UPDATE 3: It just gets worse. Absent a major series of announcement in the coming week, Donald Trump just became a lame duck president. Alt-Right is now going nuts on Trump as a Zionist puppet, which is far worse than being chumped by the neo-cons.

On The Course To Full-Fledged, All-Out World War Over A False Flag? (AllNewsPipeline)

Can Trump Come Back From the Brink of Becoming a Neocon? (Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show)



UPDATE 2: All intelligent life on the planet, including Ron Paul and Michael Savage and Jeffrey St. Clair and Robert Parry, is universal in its condemnation of Donald Trump's approving an air strike against a Syrian air force base. Donald Trump has become — at least briefly — Hillary Clinton in drag. We pray he recovers his balance quickly. Bannon was right, Trump needs to fire Priebus, Mattis, McMaster, and Pompeo and start over. Bannon should be given a second chance, as chairman of a diversity council including Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, Virgil Goode, Ellen Brown, Jill Stein, and any Libertarian other than Gary Johnson — their mission is to ram through the Electoral Reform Act before the summer recess. Here are just a few of the headlines that are ripping Donald Trump a new asshole.

Roaming Charges: Metaphysical Graffiti (Jeffrey St. Clair)

Luring Trump into Mideast Wars (Daniel Lazare)

Airstrikes Without Justice (John Wight)

Why the United States’ Use of Force Against Syria Violates International Law (Curtis Doebbler)

Neocons Win! Mainstream Media Criticism Of Trump Comes To Screeching Halt With Missile Attack On Syria (Bernie Suarez)

UPDATE 1: Trump appears to have really blown this one, with help from possible Mossad agent of influence Jared Kushner, and of course the neo-conservatives and Goldman Sachs lying to the President with impunity. Here are two representative headlines that suggest Trump is losing his integrity and his base. Bannon was right.

Neo-cons Co-Opt Trump, Shadow Government Gains Choke-Hold

Michael Savage Turns on Trump, Says Syrian Gas Attack Was False Flag Operation

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I have decided to step in here and offer a pro-Trump comment. While I do not disagree with the failures mistakes and lost opportunities listed in this article it glaringly fails to list the successes regarding TPP, jobs, capital inflows, Gorsuch and many others including substantive business outreach meetings.   These despite the fact that he is besieged by those who want to destroy him and who actively work to undermine him. The relentless assault by the establishment is unprecedented and he has not been able to come up for air.   Trump is a pragmatist not an idealogue.   This is new.    Traditional politicians and critics from both sides of the isle do not know what to think.  We only see the surface and have no idea what is really happening. I like all three of the options posted by the duty editor below, and certainly hope that the best interpretation is the one that describes our presidential situation, but I continue to believe that he lacks a strategy and a staff to achieve his fullest potential. I continue to believe that our president will  fail if he does not do outreach to people of color, single moms, students, the Sandernistas, the elderly, and more. My thoughts as transmitted to the president today via two different channels are in the Memorandum for the President 2.2 below.

Phi Beta Iota: There are three options here:

Best interpretation: this was actually a clever move by Trump, Putin, and Assad to eliminate a chemical weapons stockpile while making Trump look stronger while he sneaks up on the neo-cons. The CIA then again over-played its hands by putting a false flag spin on the event.

Middle of the Road Interpretation: This is Donald Trump's “Bay of Pigs” moment when he realizes, as John F. Kennedy realized, that the Deep State will stop at nothing to compromise his Presidency. The event was a false flag event, and Donald Trump was lied to by Mike “Sooie” Pompeo and other leaders (the real professionals at CIA are all aghast and saying this was a false flag, the President is being lied to). This will lead to the firing of Preibus, Bannon, McMaster, and Mattis, all of whom are betraying the President at multiple levels. Kushner remains a question mark easily cleared or crucified by a series of polygraph examinations following full processing of every Kushner email and call that is in the NSA database but has lain dormant.  Coming as this does on the revelation that the CIA lied about the Russians hacking the election, and that NSA has been spying on and blackmailing US politicians and judges, this could lead to our President closing down NSA (which does not have a legislative charter) and suspending all CIA operations pending a deep cleansing of that agency's leadership both professional and political (the Office of Presidential Personnel is not nominating people who support Trump, but rather Establishment Trojan Horses).

Worst Interpretation: Jared Kushner is a Mossad agent who was targeted at Ivanka Trump by known Mossad agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (her father Robert Maxwell was Israel's first computer super-spy) who profiled Ivanka Trump from birth and then helped Mossad “capture” not just Ivanka but also Chelsea Clinton. The Zionists control the White House between Kushner and the Goldman Sachs employees, all of whom are compromised one way or another.

See Especially:

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Review: Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy–The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul

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