Mongoose: Trump-Putin Taking Down Deep State Pedophiles

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The US-Russian Pedophile Connection and It’s Not What You Think

Dave Hodges, Common Sense Show

I recently interviewed Liz Crokin and this interview changed my paradigm on the Russian allegations against Trump. During the course of the interview, Liz Crokin stated that the pedophilia has invaded every government in the West. Putin is opposed as is Trump and they intend to work together on this issue.

Phi Beta Iota: Despite widespread concern that Donald Trump have have been bribed and blackmailed into embracing servitude to the Deep State against We the People, we continue to see weak signals that he may in fact be playing a brilliant long game against the Deep State in alliance with key international leaders among whom Vladimir Putin stands  forth as especially strong.

The Deep State is our common enemy, and within government captured by the Deep State, including the US, all of Europe, most of ASEAN, and in the South, there are two forces converging to eradicate the Deep State: at the very top, leader to leader campaigns and at the very bottom, a rise of the deplorables, We the People – Unity for Integrity as captured by the single hashtag, #UNRIG.

We continue to support our legitimately elected President of the USA, and pray that he will triumph as the greatest modern president in US history, restoring Christian values and the integrity of our government at the same time that he buries the Rothschilds, the Vatican, and the Deep State that they control in every country around the world.

As Robert Steele voiced in his recent appearance as a supporting actor to celebrity and world activist Steven Seagal, “Pedophilia is the Achilles’ heel of the Deep State.” Trump and Putin know that, and they appear to be acting in concert to leverage the gross exposure of the Deep State on this aspect. In the USA, the Republican Party will collapse when its Senators and Representatives who are active pedophiles are exposed. This is the primary reason we continue to urge our President to champion the Election Reform Act of 2017, so as to restore integrity to our election process, our governance, our economy, and our society.  An economic crash is coming in September — Martin Armstrong has never been wrong. We have 120 days — the summer of non-violent revolution — to make America right again.

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