Review: The Devil’s Chessboard – Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government

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David Talbot


I have reviewed over 300 books on secret intelligence here at Amazon, and written eight books of my own – as a former spy, co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, and direct participant in “Deep State” and “false flag” operations, I know more than most about dark side of intelligence – this book is in my view a capstone book that adds multiple new insights into the central role played by elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the subversion of the US Government (USG), the US economy, US society, and the world at large.

I know of no other book that documents so ably the fact that CIA, while ordered up by Harry Truman as an organization intended to collate information from multiple sources ALREADY COLLECTED by other elements of the USG, was in fact the brainchild of Wall Street and designed by Wall Street from its inception to be the tool of the financial mandarins for the complete subversion of the Constitution and the USG, and the destabilization and looting of the rest of the world. It is not possible to understand the central role of the CIA in destabilizing the world, fostering war, preventing peace, and helping keep five billion people in poverty, disease, and conflict, without reading this book.

While we have always had mercantile control of government since business and government first came into existence, the author makes the case that it was World War II in which the banks learned how to use not just central banks (not covered by this book) but secret intelligence agencies (the heart of this book) as the core vehicle for Deep State control of the world.

Put most bluntly, the CIA became the vehicle for bribing, blackmailing, and controlling US as well as foreign political leaders to the point that all Constitutional checks and balances in the US as well as foreign countries of interest, were over-turned. In extreme cases such as the Congo, the CIA assassinated world leaders who dared to say “no” to the combination of unilateral militarism, predatory capitalism, and virtual colonialism (these are my own long standing terms for the trifecta of evil rooted not only in CIA, but also in the National Security Agency (NSA) and the US military in constant violation of Article I of the Constitution and its own oath to defend us against domestic enemies.

This book investigated, indicts, convicts, and hangs Allen Dulles for the traitor that he was. Donald Trump should read this book, because just as Allen Dulles remained the CIA’s de facto leader after he was fired – leading the assassination of John F. Kennedy – so also is John Brennan today leading the rogue elements of the secret world in a plot to assassinate Donald Trump and put Mike Pence into power, Pence being the pedophile-affiliated member of the Establishment chosen by Dick Cheney to control the Executive once Donald Trump is side-lined (my opinion, not in the book). This book is Donald Trump’s best defense against treachery, along with Memorandum for the President 3.0, easily found on the Internet, as devised by Cynthia McKinney and myself.

The core lesson from this book for our legitimately-elected President is that Kennedy did not purge deeply enough (in the secret world) or broadly enough (he left the bankers alone).  For Donald Trump to survive he must BOTH take down the Federal Reserve AND cut the secret world by two thirds.

Before I detail points from this book that impress me deeply, I must point out that the Deep State starts with the Rothschilds and the Vatican, goes down through all the PRIVATE “central” banks that they control, into the two-party tyrannies that they control, and then into the secret intelligence services and complicit other institutions including the media, academia, and corporate chiefs happy to be part of one large crime family that constantly cheats the 99% in favor of the 1%. Everyone other than the Rothschilds and the Vatican is part of the servant class to the 1%, not the “deciders” as some assume.

Among the best insights in this are these:

01 Allen Dulles, through his control of the media, successfully reframed nationalism as communism, and after assassinating JFK, whose instincts were to support the wars of national liberation, put the full weight of the US national security state on the side of dictators everywhere who agree to US banking predation.

02 Allen Dulles pioneered CIA interference in US elections, not only foreign elections.  He strongly supported the Eisenhower-Nixon campaign by channeling covert funds to them via front groups, and by leaking embarrassing intelligence about the Truman Administration’s handling of the Korean War (which was not a declared war, Congress lost its integrity after WWII and has never gotten it back).

03 The fascists did not lose WWII, they simply emigrated to the US and Argentina with most of their treasure. Allen Dulles personally saved fascism and then later – this story is told in Gold Warriors rather than this book – used covertly captured gold to restore fascist leaders in Germany, Italy, and Japan, and dictators everywhere else. The covert funding for Operation Gladio (assassins and false flag terrorism) deeply distorted the political and cultural development of Europe.

04 CIA’s sponsorship of “cultural engineering” and individual mind-control is deeply explored in this book, and along with the millions that CIA helped murder in its various regime change operations (today CIA also assassinates thousands with drones), easily qualify for indictment before an international tribunal for crimes against humanity. This book is CIA’s Nuremberg Trial and the conclusion cannot be challenged: CIA in its present state is a threat to the US Constitution and badly in need of deep surgery.

05 Allen Dulles led the militarization of both science and psychology. Over 1,600 Soviet prisoners were subjected to various forms of torture, and then Dulles moved on to unwitting US citizens – very strangely, the author fails to mention that Yale University has always been the core partner for the CIA in mind-control experimentation.

06 The author adds to our knowledge of the JFK assassination and in my view definitively names Lyndon Baine Johnson as having approved the assassination (and then appointed Allen Dulles, the project leader to the Warren Commission to assure the cover-up), Bill Harvey, David Atlee Philipps, Cord Meyer, and Howard Hunt as key CIA participants, and Texas billionaire David Harold Byrd, owner of the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot the president (he did not) as key conspirators. Not properly covered in this book are the roles of George Bush Senior, a CIA non-official cover officer, and Yitzhak Rabin, the representative of Israel (Remember  the USS Liberty) to the event. The Secret Service helped assassinate the president they were supposed to be protecting.  Allen Dulles met with the Secretary of the Treasury before the assassination, and arranged for a test of a deliberate pull-back in Chicago, and then the full unshielding of the president in Dallas, where the Secret Service violated all of its protocols and sentenced are president to death.

07 There are compelling quotes throughout the book, and this work is easily in my six-star top 10% of all non-fiction books read in my lifetime.  The author ends in a most spectacular fashion, citing the confession of James Angleton as he neared death, to the effect that he had made a mistake in following Allen Dulles thinking that he was serving God, he was in fact on “a satanic quest.”

There you have it. The Deep State is in my view led by Satanists – both within the Vatican and particularly among the Jesuits – and among the Rothschilds and their leading bankers. Donald Trump, our legitimately-elected president, may or may not be under the control of the Satanists in the USA, but he is in my view our single best shot at ending the Deep State. I pray he might read this book, and be strengthened by it.

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Best wishes to all,
Robert David Steele
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